Get A Glimpse Of The Historical Old Delhi And Its Gardens

Exploring the city of Old Delhi with its rich mix of cultural heritage and nature conservation efforts, one is apt to get lost unless one has one of the 'pucca Dilliwallas' for support. These are the local guides who can tell you more about the city than all the literature you can read.
Things To See:
For starters, one has to see the Humayun's Tomb, Ferozshah Kotla Fort, Jama Masjid, and Mehrauli Archaeological Park if one wants to see at least a small portion of all that there is. Actually, the Old Delhi guided tour is a combination of walks and bicycle rickshaw rides.
In the walled city Chandni Chowk, one witnesses the stupendous works done during the time of the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan. This takes us back to 1638 A.D. when it all began. One will understand more when one undertakes the walking tour of Delhi, than if one were to ride around in a vehicle.
Get Other Tours Organized
When one has the time, one can choose to go for a photo walk or a photo exhibition. There are numerous heritage conservation and eco-conservation trails too each with its own unique experience.
Check List Of Places To See In Delhi
Other than the bazaar, streets, and shrines of Delhi, a visitor to Delhi must revel in the grandeur of Shahjahanabad built on the banks of the River Yamuna. Use the tour expert to guide and help you discover the treasures in Chandni Chowk.
Here are the main points of visit in an Old Delhi sightseeing tour:
1.    Jama Masjid: Numbering among one of the largest mosques in India, the Jama Masjid came into existence during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan. It has a courtyard that seats 25,000 people and two minarets each 40 metres high. The red sandstone and white marble in this mosque is spectacular. One also sees three gates and four towers here.

2.    Hauz Khas: The place of interest is the Hauz Khas Lake that includes a lake, a tomb, and a mosque. These were built by the rulers of the Khilji Dynasty. The other notable structure is the Chor Minar where the heads of the robbers were displayed after they were executed.

3.    Mehrauli Archaeological Park: Here you find several historical structures including the tomb of Quli Khan that overlooks the Qutub Minar and the Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb. This park is situated in an area known to have been occupied continously for a thousand years. Another significant site is the tomb of Balban built in 1287 AD. It has the first arch and dome ever built in India.
4.    Kashmiri Gate: This is the northern gate to the historic city of Delhi. You have the Mutiny Memorial built in 1863 and the library established by the Mughal prince Dara Shikoh. Other than that, you have the Indraprastha University and the Red Fort in this area.

5.    Lodi Garden: This city park has several tombs including those of Mohammed Shah and Sikandar Lodi. You can also see the Shisha Gumbad and the Bara Gumbad. The garden is a busy place in the morning for the walkers in Delhi. It lies between the Khan Market and the tomb of Safdarjung.

Be sure to spend some time walking in Delhi, if not for the exercise then only for the beauty of 
the place. And do not be afraid to ask for directions, Delhiites are very friendly.

Two Days In Nuwara Eliya

Visiting Sri Lanka is one of the best decisions I have made in my travel and adventure filled life. My heart still scolds my brain for even entertaining the thought of skipping Nuwara Eliya. I had only a few days leave from work start of February 2016 and I didn’t want to waste them lying around doing nothing. My heart ached to escape to another land. Once I had checked that weather wise February was an ideal time to visit Sri Lanka, my wishes turned into an actual plan. Having just 4 days, I had decided I would spend all my time relaxing and enjoying the beach life. 
My initial plan was to spend two days in Galle and two days in Bentota. It was while I was google searching for the air miles that I needed for my flight that I came across a few pictures of the tea plantations in Sri Lanka. It was then that I realized beaches weren’t the only highlight of the island. One search led to another and before I knew it, I had my mind set upon visiting Nuwara Eliya. The picturesque surroundings and moderate temperature makes it an idea spot for vacationers.

TripAdvisor To The Rescue

As an avid traveler, I have always relied on TripAdvisor and the customer reviews on it. Thankfully I have never been disappointed yet. After spending a considerable amount of time thinking and looking, I finalized Calamander Lake Gregory as my accommodation for the two days I was going to be there. I still pat myself on the back for making this decision. I remember looking at the beautiful Lake Gregory and my cute wooden hut overlooking it on the crisp morning of February 4th. The view from my room was breathtaking. I could also glimpse the lush green tea plantations in the distance. The service at Calamander Lake Gregory was exceptional. There was good speed Free WI-FI access, an electric kettle, a flat screen television and a heating system in the small, yet cozy room. The only downside? The wooden floor creaked way too much.
Fun activities in the city

Horse Riding

Horse riding was quite a popular activity around the Lake Gregory. At first I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to try it out but as soon as I saw the cute horse, I fell in love with it. Turned out to be quite a fun experience riding it.

Speed Boat Drive

There were many paddle boats in the lake but I preferred the speed boat as it looked way more exciting. With fresh breeze slapping your face and water splashing around you, it was a great experience.

Adma Agro Strawberry Farm

Having strawberry waffles, strawberry ice-cream and strawberry shake with a strong scent of strawberries in the air is an experience that no strawberry lover will forget.

Pedro Tea Factory

To stock up on the famous Sri Lankan tea and witness the vast tea plantations, this is a must visit place.

Salmiya Restaurant

Visit the Salmiya restaurant to try out the most delicious pizza and spaghetti in the area. 

Airline Miles: To Invest Or Not?

Are airline miles worth the money and effort we put in? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the travel industry. I am going to try and address the question with as much detail as possible. First let’s talk a bit about airline miles. By now most frequent travelers are familiar with this concept. But for those who don’t know, it is one of the many ways adopted by the airlines to attract customers and foster customer loyalty. As competition is increasing, airlines are forced to adopt such tactics. Competition is always a blessing for end consumers.

Air Miles are associated with an airline’s frequent flyer program. But let’s not get confused here by the name. The frequent flyer program is not only for frequent flyers but is in fact available to all travelers. Maintain or buy miles account and earn airline miles later to be used when you are flying across the world. The miles you accumulate through different means can be redeemed in several ways. So should you invest your money in buying them and spend a considerable amount of effort in earning them? I believe the answer is yes. The question would not even arise if the answer was going to be no. These programs would have long died if they weren’t beneficial. The fact that they still exist and are prospering with time is in itself a proof of their success. Let’s take a look at some of the most common advantages of airline miles.

Cheap Flights

Ah! Bagging a cheap flight. The ultimate goal of every traveler. I don’t joke when I say some travelers have bagged completely free of cost domestic flights. Of course the number of miles and the policies attached with them will vary airline to airline. Some airlines offer better terms while others not so much. It all comes down to which airline you choose. For every mile, your cost of flight will go down.

Add a layover

By layover, I don’t mean the 2 to 3 hours one. A longer layover means you can actually explore the layover destination. This is as exciting as it gets for a passionate traveler. These stopovers can be very cheap and in some cases free due to airline miles.

Use as a gift

Airline miles are the best gift you can give to an avid traveler. You will realize that when you see the joy on the receiver’s face.


Who doesn’t love shopping? Even if you don’t, it does not matter. You still have to shop, don’t you? Good news is that considerable discounts can be achieved on your shopping through airline miles. But this is only possible if you shop from places that are in alliance with your miles program.

Hotel and car Booking

Hotel and car rental expenses are a major part of any vacation. Through airline miles, you can bag significant discounts depending on the number of miles you have in hand. Again this is only applicable on certain hotels and car rental companies that are partnered with your airline. 

A Quick Stop In Colombo

Sri Lanka is an overall rather small island with serene beaches and calm surroundings. But to say Colombo is calm would be untrue. And I say this in a positive sense. A bit of wildness and chaos makes things a lot more exciting. The capital of Sri Lanka is hustling and bustling from dawn to night and tourists love it here for this reason alone.

Usually when I am in hurry, after a thorough comparison, I either use Airzen or Expedia for my air ticket purchasing before any vacation. Both sites are reliable and offer the best prices in my opinion. But don’t let my recommendation be your only guide. Do your research well before you purchase for yourself. Who knows there may be better deals out there! Air tickets to Colombo are not that pricey so you definitely don’t have to worry too much about the finances. Focus on the exploring part instead. Even though I only spent a day in Colombo before I headed to other cities, I think I pretty much covered all the main areas. 

Rockwell Colombo

After extensive searching and reading all the reviews, I chose to book a room at the Rockwell Colombo. Landing at around 5 am in the morning at Bandaranaika International airport, I was nervous, looking for my driver who had said he would be there holding a play card with my name. Definitely breathed a sigh of relief as my eyes located my name in the air. It was still a little dark as I made my way to the hotel. A sleepy yet still smiling face greeted me at the hotel. Of course I had to wait till my check-in time so I was guided to a roof top with sofas and offered a cup of tea that I gladly accepted. As I entered my room at 10 am, I was hugely impressed. The clean freak in me approved the room immediately. Even the washroom was great. The complimentary breakfast was delicious and cooked freshly in front of me the next morning. The small yet cozy hotel has my full approval.


My local Sri Lankan driver was one of the most genuine and sweetest people I have come across. With his little English skills, he helped and guided me at every step. Public transport in Colombo isn’t that great, so renting a car with driver is recommended.

Galle Face

Beaches are the highlight of Sri Lanka. I visited the Galle Face at night and ended up enjoying the many restaurants facing the water more than the beach itself.

Colombo Museum

I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the museum. It was huge and so much more interesting than I had expected.

Old Dutch Hospital and Ministry of Crab

This area is from the colonial times and the most popular place here is the Ministry of Crab restaurant. Owned by two cricketing legends, the restaurant is famous for its crab.

Even though I had a day in Colombo, I loved every minute of it. So yes, the city is highly recommended to all travelers. 

Top 7 Beautiful Must-See Destinations in Long An

Long An is not a highlighted destination in the Western area of Vietnam, but it has many attractive and worth sites to visit on the weekends.

1. Tan Lap Floating Village Eco-tourism Site

Tan Lap Floating Village or Tan Lap melaleuca forest situates in Moc Hoa district, Long An province.  The village is still a new place on the map of Vietnam tourism, but it is quite attractive by the beautiful natural scenery of lush green melaleuca forest giving the comfortable and relaxing moments for tourists to escape from the bustling peace of modern life. 

There are two ways to reach this pristine forest. You can travel from Ho Chi Minh city toward to the National Highway 1A to Tan An city (Long An) on the way of 40km and then continue follow The National Highway 62 toward to Moc Hoa district on the way of 62km to get to the village. 

Alternatively, you can depart from the center of Cu Chi town toward to Ben Luc district (Long An) on the way of 70km till you see the T-junction at the end of the road, turn right and go further 35km to get to the village. 

2. Can Giuoc

Can Giuoc is located in the downstream area of Vam Co river, and tourists always thought to this place first. Can Giuoc in the mind of tourists is the image of mudflats of the waterway area, and local specialties such as “cá lóc nướng trui”, or ” mắm còng”, which is eaten with boiled meat.

3. Hundred - Column House

Hundred Column House is located in Cau Ngang village, Long Huu Dong commune, Can Duoc district, Long An province. It was recognized as a National Historic-Cultural Vestige as well as one of the major tourist destinations of Long An. The house is a type of Hue, Nguyen Dynasty house and a unique and traditional sculptural architecture built with the magnificent space. The whole building is shaped like the letter “Quoc”. The Hundred-Column House is composed of three compartments and two lean-tos, and made of the wood Dalbergia, Afzelia xylocarpa, Sindora saimensis.

4. Dong Thap Muoi Ecotourism Park 

Dong Thap Muoi eco is situated about 50km from Tan An city, belonging to the districts of Moc Hoa, Vinh Hung, Thanh Hoa and Tan Thanh. This is a featured eco-tourism of Long An in particular and the Southern area of Vietnam in general.

Here tourists will see firsthand the vast mangrove forests with the faintly fragrant mixed in the air along with flocks of bees circling and large fields of lotus flower blooming in the sun. Especially tourists can have chance to enjoy special foods of the Southern area of Vietnam such as cork cotton sour soup (canh chua bong dien dien), lotus root salad (goi ngo sen), ca loc nuong tru eaten with peppers and salt and a few glasses of typical rice wine of the southern area of Vietnam.

5. Thanh Tam flower garden

Thanh Tam flower garden in the center of Tan An city with a large scale which both displays many rare ornamental plants as well as genres of bonsai and even over 100 year- old-plants. There were many plants bringing to exhibition and achieving several medals in the southern flower fairs. Here tourists can go sightseeing the whole world in this garden with hundreds flowers from Hue, Angcor Wat, Phu Sy Mount, and Pyramid…

6. Ton Thanh Pagoda

Ton Thanh Pagoda is located on Provincial Highway 835, about 3km from the center of Can Giuoc and Long An district. Generally, the pagoda looks like other ones. However, it is the oldest pagoda of Long An province and is the place where Nguyen Dinh Chieu, a great poet and patriotic scholar lived and created the most celebrated works in Vietnamese literature such as Funeral Oration to the Can-Giuoc Fighters.

7. Dragon fruit and watermelon garden in Chau Thanh

Coming to Chau Thanh district, tourists cannot fail to visit a fruitful garden of dragon fruit and watermelon in Tan An commune. It is not only famous for sweet dragon fruits but also Thanh Tri tasty watermelons.

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Amazing experiences in Cambodia

If you pay a visit to Cambodia, you can have a wonderful chance of taking a Cambodia luxury tour in remote jungle-covered temples, watch the sunset over the Mekong River from a graceful colonial building, or be enchanted by the elegant movements of an Apsara dancer. Cambodia's rich culture and great history make Cambodia luxury tours impressive and create an unforgettable visit to the Kingdom. Let’s discover the most wonderful destinations in Cambodia throughout the country from the north to the south.


1. Banlung

Amazing experiences in Cambodia

Banlung is the capital of Ratanakiri province in the northeast Cambodia. Located next to Laos and Vietnam boundaries, it is a wild land and inhabited by ethnic minorities. The beauty spot which many other tourists feel in love with is the temple Wat Rahtanharahm, Yeak Laom volcanic lake, waterfalls and national parks Chaong Virachey


1. Phnom Penh

Amazing experiences in Cambodia

As the capital and the largest city in Cambodia, there are many beautiful scenic spots that you should not afford to miss, such as:

  • Royal Palace Phnom Penh with two monuments Lu Bao Buddhist Temple and Silver Pagoda, is a familiar destination for tourists.
  • Wat Phnom temple
  • Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
  • National Museum of Cambodia
  • Choeung Ek Killing Fields where the Khmer Rouge regime has executed many innocent people
  • Monument of Independence and Liberation
  • Olympic Stadium in the 60s which would have occurred Asian Games sports leagues, but suddenly be canceled due to the political situation at that time.

2. Siem Reap

Amazing experiences in Cambodia

It is the most popular tourist destination in Cambodia because of having many beautiful and luxurious hotels, restaurants, resorts and souvenir stores and so on. The road from Siem Reap to Angkor wat is very convenient for travelers. Some famous attractions here such as:

  • Angkor National Museum: a place for exhibiting artifacts. The special feature here is the room showing 1000 statues of Buddha
  • 500 year-old temple “Wat Preah Prom Rath”
  • Wat Bo Temple is the combination of French architectural styles and Thai Buddhist.
  • Angkor Silk Farm: is located in the suburbs but not far from the center. Here you will be watching the process of making silk
  • Angkor relics: about 6km to the north of the Siem Reap centre are two famous Angkor temples including Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. Especially, in Angkor Thom, there is a Bayon temple with hundreds of famous faces attracting the curiosity of visitors.


Amazing experiences in Cambodia

Founded in the 11th century by the Khmer Empire, Battambang Province is famous for being the leading rice-producing province of the country. It is famous for the temple of Wat Ek with the architectural style of the 11th century, built in 1207 during the reign of King Suryavarman II (1002-1050) with a 28-meter-high statue.


1. Sihanoukville

Amazing experiences in Cambodia

Sihanoukville is Cambodia's premier beach town, sporting miles of white sand beaches, some excellent seafood, a spectacular scene, and several nearby tropical islands. The town sits on a peninsula jutting into the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Sihanoukville is the coastal town renowned for the beauty of Cambodia, including the Otres beach which is clean and beautiful. Also beside Sihanoukville, tourists can visit some other islands such as Koh Russei and Koh Rong called a paradise island. Especially, it is said that this is one of Cambodia's most beautiful islands with wonderful sea water

2. Kampot

Amazing experiences in Cambodia

Located next to the Kampong Bay waterfront, this small town is in southern Cambodia, close to the Gulf of Thailand. Kampot's main attraction is its relaxing riverside setting. The majority of visitors usually spend most of their time enjoying beauty of the river and the local countryside. Kampot's economy is based on Salt and Pepper production, fishing, fruit growing (particularly Durians) and light industry with domestic and foreign tourism. Here, visitors are immersed in a peaceful and romantic landscape. Moreover, the Kampot is famous for other tourist attractions such as Bokor Mountain, French-style houses, Phnom Chhnork caves, the famous ancient bridge and old Kampot train station

Cambodia is a beautiful country with its own unique features and beauty. Every year, more and more tourist travel to this nation with the intention of relaxing and knowing more about its history as well as precious traditions. The great impression of Cambodia is always a motivation for visitors to come here regularly and explore more mysterious things by travelling throughout the nation and being attracted by lots of incredible experiences

Do you know about Mekong Delta Floating Market?

When visiting Vietnam, among the many things you should not miss out on your trip is a visit to the many floating markets in the country. A lot of the Vietnamese people have pretty much adapted to living in the waters which you can clearly see in these markets.

A lot of local products and a variety of produce, fruits, vegetables and various local handicrafts can be found in these markets, some of them you may never have seen before. If you decided to go on an early cruise along the Mekong Delta to catch and enjoy the sunrise, you can also get your breakfast through the snacks and local soups offered by small boats.

Can Tho, Cai Rang and Cai Be

Cai Rang is perhaps the most popular of all floating markets in the area due to its close proximity from the city center of Can Tho. Tourists will delight in tours here as it provides the chance to see authentic floating market action with real trading going on. Aside from the market itself, touring around these areas will also give you a glimpse of the noodle factory as well as gardens with local fruits and flowers, all of which you could choose to explore.
Do you know about Mekong Delta Floating Market?

The Phong Dien market is also located not too far from here but it is smaller and less crowded than the one you can see in Cai Rang. Cai Be is also another tourist magnet in the Mekong Delta but it has gotten smaller and smaller over the years because of the shift towards wholesale markets in the country.

Long Xuyen and Tra On

Long Xuyen is the second largest city in the delta and has lively markets that attract many visitors. The floating market in the city is located right in front of the huge market hall which makes quite a beautiful backdrop.
Do you know about Mekong Delta Floating Market?

The village of Tra On, meanwhile, has a small floating market with a much more relaxed pace. Although it is not as busy and crowded as the one in Cai Rang, a visit here is highly recommended. People who just want to cruise around the smaller canals in the delta wanting to enjoy the pristine greens will find this part of the trip a very enjoyable one.

Chau Doc

Chau Doc is right next to the Cambodian border and is where you can find a lot of Khmer, Cham, Chinese. This little town has quite a diverse culture and it shows in the many historical sites that you can find the cruise. Chau Doc has among the most colorful floating markets in the Mekong Delta with boats that are strung together to offer various products and goods from the region.
Do you know about Mekong Delta Floating Market?

Visiting the floating markets in the Mekong Delta is best done in the early morning when it is lively and full of action. Most tourists would love to explore the area through a small sampan and accompanied with a guide. It is also possible to visit the merchant ships and have a taste of the goods and fruits that they have to offer.

The Freshness on Hon Tam, Nha Trang

Coming to Hon Tam, visitor can admire the fine stretching white sand, numerous offshore islands and fantasy coral reefs beneath the ocean.

Nha Trang is seen as a dynamic, energetic beach city with new paths, newly built bridges, coastal resorts, the new projects which change fay by day and, especially, gentle, friendly people. What Nha Trang has had will leave a deep impression with tourists who even come here once...
The Freshness on Hon Tam, Nha Trang

Nature favorably gives the coastal city of Nha Trang every thing what a South Central coast may have. From beaches with fine white stretching sand to the stunning offshore islands, from the magic coral reefs beneath the ocean to the ancient Cham temples in the mountain... all attract visitors all over the world.
The Freshness on Hon Tam, Nha Trang

If you have the opportunity to observe the coastal city of Nha Trang from the top, you will see all the beauty of the city, curving beach hugging emerald bay. On the seaside, green rows of coconut and poplar trees in the wind improve the ecstatic beauty of the sea.

Hon Tam is one of the landscapes of Nha Trang. Hon Tam attracts tourist by the lush tropical forest covers, long white sandy beaches ... The island is nestled in the green of fresh and cool sea water.
The Freshness on Hon Tam, Nha Trang
With an area of 110 hectares, located in the Nha Trang Bay with blue sea in four seasons, full of sun and wind, Hon Tam is about 7 km from inland to the southeast of the city of Nha Trang (which takes visitors about 8 minutes travelling by canoe, and about 25 minutes travelling by boat). Visiting Hon Tam, the most interesting thing is that visitors can get immersed in sunny and windy yellow sandy beaches, or admire the sunset over the sea in the afternoon, or take a fishing rod and try fishing in the sea... to flush away the noise of the town and many of the busy work in daily life.
The Freshness on Hon Tam, Nha Trang
This tourist attraction in Nha Trang Bay not only attracts tourists with the blue sky, white sand, fresh air, but also fascinates people with attractive and thrilling games: drag parachute, jet ski, windsurfing, water-skiing, corals exploring... Coral reefs are one of the magic ecosystems of the sea. The deeper the water is and the farther it is from the mainland, the more beautiful the corals are. Corals, sea grass, seaweed gather and create fields or cover the hillsides under the sea. There are ivory coral reefs, at the top of each branch, it is bright yellow as the flowers. Sometimes, in the coral valley, we can discover the anemone gardens of different colors such as white, pink top and white body, green ... which look like the soft grass swaying in the water.
The Freshness on Hon Tam, Nha Trang
Coral reefs are also the "catwalk" of the aquarium. They are dressed in cordyline, dark blue, white or yellow… outfits, then circles around the soft anemones. You will be instructed to use diving equipment, methods to avoid earache, the way to breath with scuba ... Coaching staff will follow up with you during the voyage. There are kinds of corals which grow about only a centimeter longer in a year. In order to have a magical coral park today, nature took hundreds of years to form. Therefore, please behave properly with coral so that it is suitable with the culture of the sea.

Coming to Hon Tam, you can not only enjoy the game bringing excitements, swim in the cool waters which is as blue as sapphires, but also enjoy a wide variety of fresh seafood which have just been caught in the sea and processed in the restaurants on the beach.

Located in the blue waters of Nha Trang Bay which is sunny and windy in four seasons, Hon Tam is a place for people to find moments of relaxation, tranquility, and to escape from the worries of a busy modern life ...

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From Barcelona to Cambodia with Travelgenio

If you decide to start an exotic trip to Cambodia from Barcelona, first you must take into account the way to arrive to one of the main airports in destination.

Cambodia has been one of the most growing destinations in Asia since Angkor Temples were a lot more public for a type of traveller that is hungry for different trips, that wants to enjoy nature, history and art in a none very touristy place. This is why, according to the info of online travel agencies like, this destination is being demanded during last times.

The truth is that Cambodia, as it has borders with Thailand and Vietnam, it is part of many Asian tours offered by the travel agencies. Europeans are really interested in these type of destinations as it seems to be a real contrast with the culture, art and landscapes.

The Buddhist religion is other of the main claims as the temples and the life philosophy is attractive for those who are looking for something in their life, those who want to find their way and their soul relax.

Anyway, for mainly all the tourist, there are some musts once they arrive to this country.

1. Phom Phen: the Cambodian capital is one of the most popular places tourists visit once they arrive here from the main European capitals. This place is unique. You will find pagodas in all the streets, but not only that. One of the most popular gastronomy experiences is just by walking and choosing one of the stalls.

2. Angkor: considered World Heritage, this place is magic and one of the main reasons why travellers arrive to Cambodia. Maybe it is also one of the things why travellers decide to visit the Asiatic Southeast. Travelling to Siem Reap to find out the temple ruins is a mystic route to the Jemer Empire.

3. Koh Rong: have you heard about Koh Samui? Well, this is the alternative too if you are looking for a real paradise. Only accessible by a little ferry, you will spend a calm day here, watching the sea and enjoying nature and beauty.

If you want to life all these, you just have to find your connection. From Spain there are many airports and airlines that will take you to Cambodia, but you just have to know where you are going to travel from and start looking for many different alternatives.

Sihanoukville – The attractiveness of a tourist paradise in Cambodia

Not bringing the majesty of Angkor Wat or Angkor Thom, Sihanoukville conquers tourists by the peaceful beauty of nature. Blue sea, white sand and wild nature reserves explain why many visitors choose Sihanoukville as an ideal destination for their next trip.

What do you know about Sihanoukville?

Sihanoukville (or called Kampong Som, Kampong Saom) is a coastal city in the south of Cambodia, at the Gulf of Thailand. 230km far away from Phnom Penh, this city was built to serve as a port city in the late 1950s. But now Sihanoukville is considered a tourist attraction since it meets the demand for a resort of Phnom Penh people and foreign visitors.
Sihanoukville – The attractiveness of a tourist paradise in Cambodia
Sihanoukville on the map
White sandy beaches, warm currents from the Gulf of Thailand blending with sea air create a wonderful tourist spot. Coming here, travelers can avoid the hot weather of tropical climate. Besides, Sihanoukville is also famous as a “2 in 1” destination because you can discover both sea and jungles. Let’s have a look at must-see places in Sihanoukville to know where you should explore in here.

Beautiful beaches

1. Ochheuteal and Serendipty Beach

Lying in the central area of the city, these two beaches are places having many hotels, restaurants and tourist companies with the busy Western Town and coastal eateries.
Sihanoukville – The attractiveness of a tourist paradise in Cambodia
Ochheuteal Beach with a lot of coastal tourism services
There are full of services for relaxation like cinemas, bars, shops… with reasonable prices.

2. Otres Beach

Not far away from Ochheuteal Beach, Otres Beach boasts the tranquility with small fishing villages. The beach with fine white sand and clear blue water is ideal for you to sunbathe and swim in.

3. Sokha Beach

This beach belongs to Sokha Beach Resort – the first five-star beach resort in Cambodia. This is the only place having bungalows with sea view. Nice couples and families with children often choose it to enjoy their summer vacation every year.

4. Independence Beach

Independence Beach is next to Sokha Beach. It is named after an old hotel’s in here. This beach is so clean and suitable for tourists to relax in the sunshine.

5. Victoria Beach

Located in the north of Sihanoukville, Victoria Beach is known as the place to have the best view of sunset over the city.
Sihanoukville – The attractiveness of a tourist paradise in Cambodia
Admiring the view of sunset over Victoria Beach is a must-try experience
With restaurants and bar overlooking the sea, it is really an interesting destination. Visitors can enjoy the seafood and sip some cocktail in loud music after swimming. Or they can also walk along the white sandy beach in the sunset or take part in fishing with locals.

Some islands near Sihanoukville

There are over 10 islands off the shore of Sihanoukville. Below are 3 islands appreciated by tourists due to their pristine beauty as well as tourism services.

1. Koh Rong

There is no need to say much about this island since it is dubbed a tropical paradise in Southeast Asia.
Sihanoukville – The attractiveness of a tourist paradise in Cambodia
Koh Rong Island - the beauty of a tropical paradise in Sihanoukville
With fine white sandy beaches and turquoise seawater, Koh Rong attracts a large number of visitors on an annual basis.

2. Koh Rong Saloem

Situated in the south, this island is smaller than Koh Rong. It is favored by the serenity and quiet which other islands don’t have. Cambodians call it “the lazy island” because the only thing you want to do here is nothing but relaxing. Gorgeous coral reefs will stimulate tourists to dive and snorkel to admire their beauty.

3. Koh Tang

It takes several hours to travel by yacht from Sihanoukville to Koh Tang. Although it is being exploited for tourism purposes, Koh Tang still remains pristine.
Sihanoukville – The attractiveness of a tourist paradise in Cambodia
Koh Tang Beach with the diverse marine ecosystem
On sunny days, the sea surface gleams with a turquoise color. The diverse marine ecosystem with colorful coral reefs and sea animals are also reasons why Koh Tang is appealing in tourists’ eyes.

Ream National Park

One of the most attractive destinations in Sihanoukville is Ream National Park. 18km north of Sihanoukville, this park spreads over 21,000 hectares.
Sihanoukville – The attractiveness of a tourist paradise in Cambodia
A small part of Ream National Park in Sihanoukville
This is home to beaches without human footprints, mangroves and rainforests, offshore coral reefs… There are 155 bird species, wild animals such as monkey, squirrel, ratel…Especially, from November to March every year, Ream is well-known with schools of dolphin in a waterfront area called “Dolphin Station”

Now do you believe that Sihanoukville is a place deserved to discover in this summer?

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