Kuthodaw Pagoda - The World’s Largest Book

With many beautiful beaches such as ChaungTha or Thande, it is intelligible that Burma beach holidays area popular choice for many tourists who would like to visit the “the country of gold pagoda”. However, there are a lot of other destinations on the mainland that you should put in your must-visit list when traveling to Burma. One of them is called “the world’s largest book”. You are likely toimagine a massive leather tome in some library but actually, the world’s largest book is at Kuthodaw Pagoda in Madalay.

Kuthodaw Pagoda, which includes a giled pagoda, hundreds of shrines housing inscribed marble slabs and a lot of pavilions, is a Buddhist stupa at the foot of Mandalay Hill. The large grounds offer good views upwards of Mandalay Hill with its many temples and pagodas. The main entrance to the grounds is the ornate, gold and red South gate which is adorned with sculptings of deities and animals from Buddhist and Hindu mythology. From there, a long corridor leads to the stupa at the center of the grounds. You will see many muralpaintings from the late Konbaung period (second half of 19th century) adorn its walls. Also,there is a pavilion enshiringanimage of the Buddha at the end of the corridor.

The world’s largest book

The pagoda was built as a part of the traditional foundationof the new royal city of Mandalay during the reign of King Mindon Minas. When the British invased Burma,worried that the teaching of Gautama Buddha may be lost, King Mindon conceived the idea of preserving the entire text of the TipitakaPali Canon of Theravada Buddhism by inscribing them in huge stone slabs. The work began in1860 and took 8 years to complete. Each slab is a meter wide and a meter and a half tall, and 13 centimeters thick and there are 730 slabs in total. The actual text of the TipitakaPali Canon consumes 729 tablets and the last one records how it came into being.Each one is called “kyauksagu”, with a precious gem on top and they are arranged in neat rows around the central golden pagoda. Nevertheless, when having invasion Burma, the British stripped away every piece of gold from the tablets along with the gems and other valuable things. Today, the texts are marked in black ink made from shellac, soot from paraffin lamps and straw ash and a few gems still exist.

Golden pagoda

Built in 1859, the pagoda at the center of the complex is 57 meters tall. At the four corners of the pagoda are four large golden Chinthe, mythological lions that guard the pagoda. Besides, its bell rests on a base of three square receding tiers and on each side is a stairway rising to the base. The pagoda is topped with an ornamental spire shaped like an umbrella. Next to the pagoda is a small elegant open pavilion housing a Buddha image in the “Calling the Earth to the witness” posture, seated on an elaborate pedestal.

How to get to the Kuthodaw Pagoda

The pagoda is located on the foot of Mandalay Hill in Mandalay, Burma. An interesting way to enjoy your trip to Mandalay completely without wasting much time on the process of movement is cruising since you will have chance to see new sights and discovernew things in Burma through the voyages on the rivers. Sanctuary Ananda cruise is the one which takes you to Mandalay from different places like Bagan, Yangon or Chindwin. For more informationabout the itineraries of this cruise, you can access the link: https://luxurymyanmarrivercruises.com/cruise/sanctuary-ananda/

Things to See When Cruising from Vietnam to Cambodia

Unlike my usual summer, this year I spent time discovering the beauty of Indochina and cruising on Mekong river is one of my trip's highlights. Indeed, Vietnam to Cambodia river cruises really offer me the chance to learn more about these 2 countries and see new things. Here is my list of things to see on this out-of-this-world route.

Floating Markets

Floating market is one of the most unique things to see on Mekong River. The trip to floating market offers you the opportunity to witness a bustling scene of selling and trading in the countryside of Vietnam. You will be amazed by thousands of floating stalls full of good and local people. They sell everything from tropical fruits, foods, drinks, vegetables, flowers, souvenir etc. Additionally, an important fact is that every kind of stuff they sell all come from their gardens, fruit & fish farms, rice paddies so that they are all fresh, healthy and reasonable-priced. Visiting the floating markets, you will have a chance to taste a wide range of local specialties such as Coconut Ice-cream, Beef Noodle Soup, Hu Tieu and even a cup of coffee or hot milk. This trip also guarantees you the chance to learn more about Vietnamese culture when admiring their daily activities and jobs to earn a living.

Mekong Delta Paddies

Vietnam is an agricultural country so it is understandable to see a large number of rice paddies in every region throughout the country. However, the most immense ones are all located in the countryside of Mekong Delta Vietnam, where the main and most important job of local people here is farming. Once cruising on Mekong River, you will have a chance to have a stopover at these rice paddies to extend your knowledge about agriculture in Vietnam as well as the way how rice is made. You can also admire rustic scenery of Mekong Delta with interlaced canals, simple hand-made farming equipments.

Phnom Penh

Considered as the most interesting destinations in the cruise route from Ho Chi Minh to Cambodia, Phnom Penh will be the place for you to discover. Once arrived, you will have the chance to learn more about history in Cambodia by a trip to Genocide Museum, where millions of Cambodian were executed under the rule of Khmer Rouge. Another great spot featuring in the cruise is the Silver Pagoda, where you can admire an architectural masterpiece of Khmer Culture with a wide range of priceless exhibits, Buddhist statues. The tour will offer you a short cycling tour in Phnom Penh to have an overlook of the city, observe daily activities of Cambodian people and take some photos.

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Kratie – The Dolphin Grounds

An exclusive chance for you to enjoy cruising in the 2 countries is to visit Kratie in Cambodia, where is home to one of the rarest species on the planet. Mekong river cruise offers you the chance to admire the most endangered creature as well as the symbol of Cambodia – Irrawaddy Dolphin. Consider one of the cruises now or you will never see it in your life.

How to get a visa to go to Cambodia

If you will plan to go Cambodia then you need a visa so there is some types of visa which is applicable to go Cambodia, I am explaining here that the types of visas for Cambodia

There are some types of visas for reaching Cambodia is here...

  1. Tourist visa for Cambodian
  2. Ordinary visa for Cambodian
  3. Visa K-Class
  4. Children visa for Cambodian
  5. Visa B-class

Tourist visa for Cambodian

The tourist visa is valid for 30 days, but it will renew if you want to stay Cambodia more than 30 days as a tourist then you can. The fees of tourist visa are $30. It is a single visa entry. If anyone wants to stay in Cambodia more than 30 days, then the visa will be renewed after 30 days at the cost of $45 only. When the time limit will be over then the visa holder must leave the Cambodia and come back and issued a new visa.

How to get a visa to go to Cambodia

Ordinary visa for Cambodian (E class)

If anyone who wants to stay Cambodia then the E class visa is best for staying the Cambodia. There are four types of E class visa and anyone can get the any type of visa in e-class.
There is no documentation required when you are Appling for these ordinary visas, but the visa holder must be able to fulfill the documentation or paperwork if any questioned by the immigration police after some date.

There are four types of E-class visa which is as given below…


EB-Visa is

The all Cambodian visa is covered by the EB business visa, including all the persons that have parents, children, and freelancers and also those who do not have any categories of visa can also apply through the EB-visa.
If anyone who is applying through the EB-visa, then the person will not apply to work in Cambodia. If you want to work as a legal employee then you must have a Cambodian work permit, but you don’t need a work permit for a visa. If you have an EB-visa, then the immigration police may ask about your work contract, business license and work permit if you have. Otherwise, you must have a letter why you stay here.
The renewable visa can be 1, 3, 6 or 12 month, although 12 or 6 month visas allow.

EG-Visa is

The EG-Visa is applicable who are searching for employment and can be stay 1, 3, or 6 months. When you are writing that you want a visa, then the requirement of the employment is not forced for EG-Visa.

ER-Visa is

The retirement visa is most confusing and less paperwork of the E class section. The requirement of the ER-visa is not defined at the time of visa writing, but it is for who have also retired and already show the document in the home country and also prove that then have found to support themselves.
The ER retirement visa can be issued for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

ES-Visa is

It is a student visa. Anyone can apply for ES-Visa who is a student. If anyone has this visa, then the visa holder must have the receipt of school fees, school transcript and any other thing which is related to the school or university if the immigration police will ask. The ES visa for student can be issued for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

A K - Class visa is

The K-Class visa is support for the Cambodian descent that holds a passport for the overseas countries. It is the free lifetime visa for those types of persons, but you will ask to pay an unofficial amount to get it. You have any document that shows you are a Cambodian descent like birth certificate, marriage certificate, family book or Cambodian id and if you can speak Khmer may be enough along with the $20 bill, yes.

Children visa for Cambodian

All non-Cambodian children have been required to have an E-class visa to enter the Kingdom, since late 2016. The rates are the same as for adults. If any child has at least one Cambodian parent, they he/she can apply for a free K-class visa.

Visa B-Class

It is also known as the NGO visa. It is a free visa for NGO’s employee who is registered with the government. For this visa you will need to enter the country on an E-class visa and transfer the B-class visa. Not all NGO’s are applying for this visa you have to conform from your employer if wants this visa, otherwise you will be fined $100 and leave to be within 7 days.

How to get a visa to go to Cambodia

Some important need for Cambodia visa
  • A passport, it is valid at least six months.
  • A recent passport size photo, otherwise you will pay $2 fee and they will scan your photo from the passport.

Three ways of Applying Cambodian visa
  • At the airport
  • Embassy of Cambodian
  • At the land of the border crossing

The Features in Burmese Culture That You Need to Know

Here are the cultural characteristics of the Myanmar people you should know to be able to experience your Myanmar trip is more perfect.


Burmese is the official language in Myanmar. This is the mother tongue of the Burmese. The Burmese language is used as the mother tongue of the 32 million people in the world and is the second language of ethnic minorities in Myanmar.

The Burmese language can be classified into two types: "Ordinary" type is commonly found in text, newspapers and radio, and the second type is often found in everyday conversation. The Burmese script is derived from the writing of the Mon language.

A distinctive feature of costumes and customs

Myanmar's government encourages people to preserve their national identity. As a result, Myanmar is known for its distinctive character, as well as its customs and traditions.

Myanmar's traditional costume is Longyi for men (a kind of sarong wrapped in the middle of the body) with a shirt or a Taipon (traditional shirt), and the ladies wear Thummy which is a similar fashion to the Lao, Thai dresses. All wear slippers. Both men and women only wear shoes when wearing European style clothes.


Instead of chemical cosmetic, women in this country use Thanaka as a makeup on the face, neck and hands to protect their face from the sun.

Chewing betel nuts

People here love to chew betel nuts, many people gladly say, they are like "red toothed vampires" but gentle and friendly.


In traditional Burmese villages, temples are the center of cultural life. Monks are revered and people kneel in front of them to show respect for them. The initiation ceremony, called shinbyu, marks the most important maturity of a young boy entering a monastery for a short period of time. The girls also have ear piercing when they reach adulthood. Myanmar culture is most expressed in the villages where local festivals are held throughout the year, the most important of which is the temple festival.


Myanmar people also have a strange customs: to become beautiful, from the age of 5, the girl must have a belt waist, then embroidered 30 more belts. When choosing a girl for a wedding, the size of a girl's waist is also one of the important criteria.

The beauty of the festivals 

Myanmar is one of the most festive countries in the world, festivals take place around the years, but mainly in March and April when the farm work is less. The events here are extremely unique and interesting, attract so many people. Myanmar welcomes new year in April, in different from Vietnam and some countries in the world, on the day of their New Year's greetings, there is a water splash festival, they use water falling together in the desire to wash away the dust of the old year, welcome a new year of luck and happiness. Visitors to Myanmar at this time also immersed themselves in the atmosphere of local people and have fun with water on the street...

In addition, there are festivals in which the children starting to become monks, perhaps this festival affirms the spirit of the people here, the festival takes place year-round. Every month there is a day at the monastery to do the ordination. This ceremony is the ordination ceremony for the children who practice as a monk, they wish their children to be ordained to glorify the family and according to them, a good Buddhist is in the life must at least once ordained. Therefore, on the day of the ordination ceremony, visitors can see the children dressed as brilliant as the prince, the princess. They are welcome with a procession on the streets before entering the temple to the ordination ceremony ... In addition, there are also other unique festivals such as the Puppet Festival, Phaung Daw U Festival, Htamane Festival, Ko Gyi Kyaw Festival.

The eating habits of the people of Myanmar

When traveling to Myanmar, visitors should pay attention to some customs of the way people eat here. Burmese people often eat with their right hand because they think their left hand is for personal hygiene. Also, when giving any items to people in Myanmar, you should give them the right hand.

A meal of Myanmar people usually has rice, fish, meat, vegetables and soup. They usually take rice and eat the same food and vegetables. You need to keep in mind, Buddhists do not eat beef and Muslims do not eat pork.


Burmese have no surname, only name. When greeting, they often fold their hands in front of their chests or bow.

Burmese love birds. The buffalo is also respected. Meet a buffalo on the road, no matter how old boys and girls have to give way to the buffalo first pass. When visiting the temple, everyone must remove their shoes.

When you give money, gifts or anything else to others, you should put it with your right hand or with both hands to show politeness.

Some places in temples, or temple areas, especially solemn and sacred areas, are not allow women to enter. You should check with your local guide to be sure you are in the right position. Women should also not sit on top of a car or roof of a house, the top of a boat, a boat ... that is sitting above someone else's head.

Women are also not allowed to touch, touch or shake monk's hands in any form. If you are unfortunate to touch, please apologize and the other monk will surely feel guilty when touched. In Myanmar, only men can be monk.

If you wear traditional Burmese dresses, you should wear turtleneck, don’t show your back,  belly, chest and bras (for women).

You must wear overalls and sleeveless shirts, don’t show your back,  belly, chest when you visit the temples of Myanmar.

Filming and shooting is a sensitive issue in Myanmar. This is still the most trouble that many tourists encounter. You should avoid photographing or filming at sensitive points related to politics, hospitals, security, etc. If you are caught by police and have to delete pictures, it is better to take pictures. Please delete it and apologize. Do not run away, or try to persuade it just cause more trouble for you.
Every country has its own customs and habits, before traveling to Myanmar, visitors should also learn some customs and taboos so that not leaving bad impression to the people in this country.

Myanmar Travel Guide : Visit to Bagan

Restaurants in Bagan

Finding good food in Bagan is easy. A good meal here costs from MMK6k to MMK8k (4-5 USD) per person. These are the restaurants I have tried and found satisfied:

Weather Spoon's: This restaurant and bar is a very popular place located in the Nyaung U restaurant area. Many people think that it serves the best chicken burger in Bagan!

La Terrazza: Also located in the Nyaung U restaurant, this Italian restaurant makes yummy pizzas and pastas. The wines here are not bad either.

Aroma 2: This is an Indian restaurant with very romantic space, suitable for dating. The curries here are well-flavored and delicious.

The Moon: This restaurant claims to be the first vegetarian restaurant in Bagan. I do not know if it's right or not important. The food here is delicious. It is located near the Ananda Temple in Old Bagan.
7 Sisters: This is an outdoor restaurant in New Bagan, run by 7 sisters! This restaurant serves Burmese, Thai, Chinese and even European cuisine. I recommend you try the golden pig curry which has a very impressive taste!

What to buy in Bagan?

One of the great things about Bagan is that there are not too many tourists, so you can buy cheap and beautiful souvenirs of Myanmar (instead of locks and magnets). These are the things I find most suitable to buy as souvenirs or as gifts:

Sand Painting: You can find elaborate sand paintings sold outside the temples or pagodas of Bagan. A small sand painting costs MMK5k (3.5 USD) while larger pictures range from MMK15k to MMK30k (10 – 15 USD ). I bought a painting from a painting artist outside a small temple. I like the way he works, no insisting me to buy, but gentle talking to me. He told me he did not finish high school, so I guess selling sand paintings is his main source of income. I'm happy to be able to buy him a painting. Moreover, his paintings are really beautiful.

Pathein umbrealla: These handmade umbrellas are from Pathein, a small village in Ayeyarwady. They are made of cotton, silk or satin, and are decorated periodically. I see many shops selling this type of umbrellas in the restaurant at Nyaung U.

Tamarind candy: For the first time, I tried little tamarind candies like a coin at Weather Spoon. They are very sweet and addictive. You can buy sweets in grocery stores or markets for only MMK1k (less than 0.8 USD per package).

In Myanmar you will find many places selling gems (such as ruby). But if you are not well versed in gems and do not know how to distinguish fake and real ones, I advise you not to buy.

Departure Tax

This is the tax that normally added to the airfare already. However, from July 2016 Myanmar increased the tax rate, so anyone who bought air tickets before 1/4/2016 will have to pay $ 5 cash (do not accept the card) when check-in.

The 5 Best Places in Danang to Take Photographs

Enjoying fresh sea breezes at Thuan Phuoc Lighthouse 

Situated near the city center of Da Nang, Thuan Phuoc lighthouse fascinates tourists by a stone embankment that connects the lighthouse to the mainland. In addition, if you observe the lighthouse from long distance, you will certainly see that it heads out to the sea.

Standing at Thuan Phuoc lighthouse, you definitely see the whole Thuan Phuoc bridge and other three unique bridge of Da Nang, namely Han, Dragon, and Tran Thi Ly bridges. Moreover, it is an ideal spot to pick up the fresh sea breezes and watch the charming sunset in the late afternoon.

Suggestion for travel: Tourists are easy to access to the lighthouse because it is located near Thuan Phuoc bridge and the east of Han River. If you depart from Tran Hung Dao street, you just need to go down Thuan Phuoc bridge to get into Le Van Duyet Street, then travel more 1 km towards Han river to reach the destination. 

Engaging in interesting games at Helio Center amusement park

Helio Center amusement park, which offers a variety of services for family, is the first and largest of its kind in Da Nang. Spreading across an area of over 35,000 square meters, the park does not only provide interesting activities for adults but also indoor and outdoor playing grounds for children.

Helio Center is separated into three main areas, namely Helio Kids (including indoor and outdoor playing grounds), Helio Play (consisting game rooms, adventure, action, and water games) and Helio Food & Beverage (offering foods and drinks), so surely you and your family have unforgettable experiences when visiting the park.

Helio Kids - a model that combines both education and entertainment in the game is undoubtedly the most famous spot of the park. Visiting this kid’s paradise, children have a chance to experience hundreds of attractive activities that bring about fun and arouse the curiosity for them. Additionally, the park attracts a significant number of visitors at weekend fair, food fair, for instance. 

Admiring the picturesque scenery at Dong Xanh – Dong Nghe Lake 

Dong Xanh - Dong Nghe Lake, Hoa Khuong commune, Hoa Vang district, is currently one of the hottest spot on Danang’s tourism map of young travelers. The lakes are characterized by the charming scenery, so they promise to be an ideal destination for family camping at the weekend. Spreading over an area of 2.4 square kilometers, the lakes are covered by lush green grass and looked as a picturesque water painting. Therefore, surely you will be overwhelmed by the stunning scenery facing you.

Get there, you should try indulging yourself into the pristine nature by hiring a boat trip or kayak to travel around the lake or explore the t murmuring streams at the upper flow. Suggestions for travel: Dong Xanh – Dong Nghe Lake is 25 kilometers to the west of Danang, so you might follow the National Highway 14B, turn right at Hoa Khuong crossroads then go straight to Dong Xanh - Dong Nghe Lake.

Top 3 Most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam

Cu Lao Cham (Cham Island), Hoi An

A day-long journey to the charming Cham Island promises to be powerful enough for you to temporarily stay way from the bustle and hustle of the urban life, « full » energy for a coming week, and more importantly, have unforgettable experiences. 

The amazing island was naturally favored 8 separate « untouched » islets. And each of them grasps distinct characteristics which have « magics » to mesmerize you right you set foot in. 

Only 20 minutes of traveling by canoe from Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An, Cu Lao Cham (Cham Island) has fascinated holidaymakers with pristine charm and tranquility, and the rustic daily life of the locals. There is one thing interesting that the island offers only homestays that are priced at  50,000 VND /person /night.

In the morning, you might get on a boat to the island to buy fresh seafood then tell the landlord to process them for you. In the afternoon, it’s ideal to hire a bike to travel around the island, drop by Ong Beach, Lang Beach, and Hai Tang Pagoda, then engage in coral diving in Chong Beach. The cost for a day on Cham Island is about 500,000 VND. 

Cu Lao Xanh (Xanh Island), Binh Dinh

Cu Lao Xanh, also known as Van Phi island, is located in Nhon Chau Commune, Xuan Dai Bay, 24 km from Quy Nhon. Entitled the “hidden pearl” at the middle of the sea, the island has fascinated holidaymakers with crystal blue sea water, immense blue sky, and lush green trees. 

From Ham Tu dock, you might reach the island by high - speed train tickets for 200,000 VND a ticket, travel time about 50 minutes; Or wooden ships move more than 2 hours for about 25,000 dongs per ticket. Beach on the island is quite pristine, clear water, sandy beaches and natural rock formations with many shapes. Accommodation services on the island have not yet developed, with only boarding houses, you can ask local people about homestay services and order meals, join the lives of fishermen fishing. In particular, around 3 a.m, islanders often light on the boat to retrieve the ink, you should try this experience.

Cu Lao Cau (Cau Island), Binh Thuan

Situated in Phuoc The commune, Tuy Phong district, the stunning uninhabited Cu Lao Cau looks like a large battleship surrounded by hundreds of blocks of stone of different colors and shapes, and alternated with lush green grass. These things undoubtedly contribute to its distinguishing characteristics compared to others. Staying away about 10 kilometers from the closest place of the mainland, it might take you 1 hour and a half to set foot in the island. Noticeably, the island is planned to serve as a marine sanctuary and an attractive marine ecotourism destination at the same time.

Cu Lao Cau is one of the most popular destinations this summer because of the calm sea. It is easy to access to the island in this season, so you might definitely get on a boat at Phuoc The fishing port, Lien Huong town, Ca Na town, Vinh Tan Commune, etc.

Traveling the island, you should make a visit to Love cave, Tam Tien beach, Yen Cave, Ba Hon cave, coral reef, Nam Hai God Temple, Ca Suot beach, etc. Bear in mind, you need to prepare foods and drinks for the trip because the island offers only one freshwater well and fresh water is mainly transported from the mainland.  As I did mention, the island is still uninhabited and lack of electricity and water, so tourists often get back to the mainland at the end of the day. If you want to stay overnight on the island, you must ask for permission of the border guard.

Top 5 Destinations in Nam Du Islands

Hon Lon (Lon Island)

Located in Van Phong Bay, Van Ninh Commune, Khanh Hoa Province, 50 kilometers from Nha Trang, Hon Lon (Lon Island) has fascinated holidaymakers with the pristine charm and tranquility that promises to mesmerize them right they set foot in it.

The stunning Hon Lon Island is the dock of boats and ships during hurricane season. One side of the island, in which the beach is sandy and smooth, enables boats to get on the dock. Meanwhile, the other 3 sides are quite « tough » with sharp rocks. After 3 hours of traveling by boat, tourists approach the « untouched » Hon Lon Island featuring immense mountains and forests, and charming beaches without footprints. 

Featuring the length of 14,2 kilometers and width of 6 kilometers, and spreading over the area of 46 square kilometers, Hon Lon Island is surrounded by 2 thick mountains all year round. 

On the way to the island, you see a lot of raftboats of the locals offering seafood at remarkably affordable prices. Moreover, this exhilarating island was naturally favored the pristine blue seawater and the calm sea all year round, so you definitely indulge yourself into the cool water. More interesting, you can take coral diving to admire and explore the natural coral reefs that are 10 meters from the shore. The sand of the island is not totally « smooth » and soft, so you had better wear sandals to prevent your feet from being scratched.

Although Hon Lon Island remains « unspoiled », it’s getting more dynamic with the increase in the number of raft boats and tourists sites.  However, the island itself is currently badly affected by domestic waste as well as waste from tourist’s throwing drifted to shore. Therefore, travelers should clean garbage producing from their playing and the camping ground. 

Mau Island

Spreading across an area of 200 hectares, home to more than 120 households, the charming small Mau Island fascinates tourists by the pristine charming, the tranquil atmosphere, and rustic life in the fishing village. Because the island is small, all islanders, from the senior citizen to children, all know you are tourists to this island.

Of the 21 islands in Nam Du Archipelago, Mau Island was naturally favored 5 stunning beaches. Among them, Chuong Beach and Nam Beach is famous for the extraordinarily smooth sandy beach. The other three rock beach named: Bac, Da Den, and Da Trang beaches. As the front of the island, Nam beach is calm all year round and become a quite bustling dock on the island. As a result, so residents here are also more crowded.

Ngu Beach

Located in the west of Cu Tron, Ngu Island is named after the place that King Gia Long did relax on the way to Siam (the official name of Thailand under the reign of Chakri Dynasty). There is one thing interesting that the island still full of fresh water while others undergo the severe lack of water during dry season. Here, there is still a well to be filled with water throughout the year. The locals thought that the well was dug when the king arrived the island, so it is named the King’s well.

Dau Island

Like Lon Island, Dau Island features crystal blue sea water and rows of coconut trees sway in the wind. It is larger than other islands, of which the primary forest accounts for about 90% of the area. Moreover, there are many colorful coral reefs of different shapes near the shore. So, it is such an amazing experience to lay leisurely on the hammock to take a nap under the fresh sea breezes and melodious sounds of the waves kissing the shore.

Ngang Island (Hon Ngang)

Featuring the most calm port in Nam Du, Hon Ngang is the dock of thousands of boats, raft boats, and raft houses which do not get on dock in order. It might take you 30 minutes to travel from Hon Lon to Hon Ngang by raft boat, which offers 2 departures per day, at 7 a.m and 3 p.m.

Hon Ngang is the center of Nam Du Commune. Stretching over 2 kilometers of the dock are stilt houses which are built on bamboo poles and concrete. Thus, tourists definitely stay way from the noise and dust of the urban city when traveling this rustic island.

Visit to Potala Palace in Tibet

The city of Lhasa in China's Tibet Autonomous Region is home to many unique and interesting attractions, including the world's tallest palace, Potala.

This Buddhist work is extremely large, with up to 1000 rooms. This is one of the iconic destinations in Tibet.

In the 7th century, the first parts of the Potala Palace was built by Songtsen Gampo King. The first fort was created to house the king's two foreign wives. Up until the 17th century, the Dalai Lama built more fortresses and buildings, making it the Potala Palace today.

This work took up to 50 years to complete, but it is not surprising that we have a glimpse of the magnificence and staggering strength of this palace.

Initially, the Potala Palace was a year-round residence for the Dalai Lama, and was later used as a winter retreat for their entire length of history. In 1959, the Chinese invasion forced the 14th Dalai Lama to flee to India. Since then, the Potala Palace has become the center of government and Tibetan government, becoming a autonomous region of China.

Today, the Potala Palace is a museum. The Potala Palace is sometimes referred to as the Second Putuo, because it is believed that the gods passed by, dwelling in the palace and bless those who visit. Potala is the palace built at the highest level in the world, so it is also closer to the gods.

This huge palace has 13 floors with 1,000 rooms, divided into two distinct spaces, the Red Palace and the White Palace. The Red Palace is the center of the fortress, and is also the tallest part of the palace, Is a place of prayer and study of religion. Inside the Red Palace there are ruins left over from the 7th century, chapels and dome.

The White Palace is located around the red palace, forming two distinct wings that can be seen on either side of the fort. This is home to the Dalai Lama as well as additional administrative and housing offices. The palace contains 698 mural paintings, nearly 10,000 scrolls and many sculptures and a collection of important historical documents.

Many Buddhist artifacts and treasures are found in the Potala Palace palaces, including golden paintings, hand-written Buddhist books centuries past, Chinese antiques and gifts for religious figures by Chinese emperors and emperors. The sculptures of snow lions guarding the entrance of the palace add to the mysterious look of the place.

The Best Chinese Restaurants in Pattaya

Roasted duck, tom yum hot pot or fried vegetable dish are easy to eat dishes that you will enjoy when visiting the restaurant.

Going to central Pattaya, just ask any citizen, they can show you the way to Leng Kee - a restaurant specializing in Thai-Chinese dishes quite famous for tourists. After you finish eating, you can take a tuk tuk to Walking street for about 20 baht per person.

 Chinese dishes are highly appreciated here. The best dish of the restaurant is roasted chicken and duck, placed in a clean, shiny glass cabinet. There are many staff so you don’t need to wait so long.

Food is not as expensive as the grandeur of the restaurant. A dish of duck turn right of the Chinese, eaten with sour ginger and soy sauce is about 190,000. Because there are so many good restaurants, if you go to a large group, you will enjoy more dishes.

Sweet and sour steamed squid: enough for some people to eat about 180,000 VND (270 bath) per serving. Fresh squid, very sweet, spicy sauce, you should ask the chef to cook it as you wish. Squid is slightly fat, suitable for eating with white rice.

Grilled mussels: This is grilled and marinated with chilli peppers, garlic and spicy sauce. Fresh garlic is cut into pieces, looks a bit like mussels, so if you can not eat, you need to be careful. This dish is very stimulating because after eating a mussel, the garlic's hot smell will poke on the nose, very refreshing. One plate costs about 190,000 VND (285 bath).

If you choose Chinese restaurant, then you should not miss the characteristic fried vegetables. Fried vegetables with oyster sauce or squash topped with garlic, though simple but very tasty, sweet, cost about 60,000 VND (90 bath).

The restaurant serves both delicious Thai and Chinese delicacies. Thai dishes look not very attractive but the taste is very good. A serving of Pad Thai is at 170,000 VND (255 bath).

Tom yum hotpot here is quite delicious with fresh seafood such as shrimp, squid and mushrooms. The pot is large enough for about 5-6 people to eat, costs about 200,000 VND (300 bath).

Most diners are satisfied when they come to the restaurant, not only in the way they serve, the food is delicious but the space is wide and comfortable. The restaurant has an outdoor (non air conditioned) outdoor area for those who enjoy the bustling streets of central Pattaya at night, air-conditioned rooms and private rooms for groups. The restaurant is especially crowded at lunch and dinner, open 24 hours so whenever you feel hungry, you can come here.