48 Hours Wandering around Vang Vieng (Part 2)

Vang Vieng is a small mountain town located along the beautiful Nam Song river. Vang Vieng is beautiful partly because Nam Song river is as shallow as a spring, and the undulating mountains reflecting themselves on Nam Song river, the green paddy fields…
Vang Vieng, a tiny mountain town along the beautiful Nam Song river
Vang Vieng is full of tourists, especially Western backpackers for the price in this place is more affordable than it is in Luang Prabang, and there are many games that backpackers are interested in exploring. Vang Vieng does not have luxurious 5-star restaurants, the restaurants for rich people or the famous resorts, but only has simple and affordable eateries overlooking the Nam Song river. Cheap hostels, budget hotels, rustic bars ... could be found everywhere in Vang Vieng. Only with Nam Song river and mountains, Lao people have created for Vang Vieng a well-known name on websites, famous travel magazines.....

Day 2

8am - 11am: Discover the Poukham blue water lake cave

You should catch a tuk tuk to visit the Blue Langoon Poukham (the green water lake cave) which is about 7 km from town center. Water in the lake is so blue that visitors can see the fish swimming around. The price for renting a tour by tuk tuk is 100,000 Kip ($12). The entrance ticket to the cave is 10,000 kip ($1.2).
Tham Poukham, the Blue Lagoon
It is very dark inside the cave; therefore, before entering, you should rent flashlights for 8,000 kip/ item ($1).
In the early spring mornings, the weather in Vang Vieng mountain is chilly and the steep stone steps are slippery. When climbing up Poukham cave, you must care your footsteps, after 30 minutes, you will reach the entrance to the cave, now you need to use a flashlight because of the darkness inside the cave. There is a reclining Buddha statue in the cave.
The reclining Buddha statue in the cave
12am: Return to Vang Vieng town center and buy ticket for car to Luang Prabang which departs in the evening in advance, the price is 110,000 kip ($14).

1pm: Have lunch at Mai Pai restaurant. The restaurant serves the greasy and delicious pizza for 40,000 Kip ($5) (enough for 4 people to eat).

3pm- 5pm: Cycle to explore the villages in the town of Vang Vieng and Lusi cave.

Depending on your bargain ability, you can rent a good bike at low prices. Bike rental cost in a few hours is 10,000 kip ($2). You will find the poetic beauty and attraction of Vang Vieng when riding on the trails weaving through the yellow flower fields, stopping to record the beautiful photos, seeing the undulating mountain ranges in the distance. After that, you ride into the wood to get to Lusi cave (2 km from Nam Song river). Before entering the forest, you do not forget to lather the mosquito repellent cream.
The peaceful scenery of the village in Vang Vieng
5:30pm: Go back to the hotel to bathe, rest and prepare luggage for the next destination in the journey in the country of elephants.
7pm: Return the bikes and have dinner.
8:30pm: End of journey to Vang Vieng and depart for Luang Prabang ancient capital.

Transit cars will come to the hotel and pick you up to VIP bus station where car to Luang Prabang departs. Almost driver in Laos can speak Vietnamese and happily talk to you if they know that you are Vietnamese.
Discovering Vang Vieng by hot air balloon is also a unique experience

Part 1 : 48 Hours Wandering around Vang Vieng

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