7 days discovering Laos

When travelling abroad, we often would like to visit the countries thousands of miles away, but forgetting the nearby destinations. Laos, a neighbor country in the west of our country, has its own attractions. The 7 day trip below will give you the interesting experiences in the country of elephants.

Day 1: Vientiane

Visiting the capital, Vientiane, you should not ignore the Pha That Luang (That Luang) - the symbolic work of Laos. When the temperature starts to rise, it is advised to go towards the center temples like Wat Si Saket or wander among the cafes in the city. Sunset is the time when you join the crowd to drift along Mekong enjoy the beauty of the riverside scenery.

Pha That Luang - the symbolic architecture of Laos
Day 2: Vientiane

In the second day, we continue traveling to the corners of the capital, Vientiane. If you are confident with your skillful driving skill, you should rent a motorbike in the city center to explore the suburban roads leading to Xieng Khuan sculpture park. Along the way, there are many interesting places to visit such as Beerlao Winery Factory or Lao- Thailand Friendship bridge. You can also visit the crowded markets or temples scattered along the roadside. In the end of the day, return to Vientiane and participate in the bustling night market here.

Lao- Thailand Friendship bridge
Day 3: Vang Vieng

It will take you half of a day to travel to Vang Vieng by bus from the center of Vientiane. Once you arrive, you should find a convenient location on the banks of the Nam Song River and watch the overwhelmed sunset over the limestone cliffs of Karst topography.

The wonderful sunset over Nam Song river
For dinner, you might consider one of the famous restaurants here as Central Backpackers (where has a delicious cocktail), Organic Mulberry Farm Café, or Nazim.

Day 4: Vang Vieng

We continue the trip in Vang Vieng with one of the most characteristic activities here. Tubing is a fun recreational activities for those who love adventurous games. To avoid the crowd here at dawn, you should go to the bank a little bit late. When joining tubing, you will lie on the round buoys drift along the Nam Song river. When nearly reaching the terminal, you can catch the tuk tuk to get back to the starting point or to the hostel.

Tubing in Vang Vieng
If you do not want to spend the 4th day in Vang Vieng, you can choose the Plain of Jars in the Phonsavan mysterious land and take on next day explore the famous Bomb Village here.

Day 5: Luang Prabang

Perhaps you will waste nearly a day travelling by bus to come to Luang Prabang, so please be patient and calm enjoying the peaceful scene along the two roadsides. You will forget the long way when passing the towering peaks and deep abyss on the way, sometimes seeing some lovely village situated on a hilltop in the distance.

Sunset on Mekong river
Once you arrive, you should not miss to see the sunset over the Mekong and enjoy calm atmosphere at the craft fair at night. For dinner, you can try domestic fish specialties and other local dishes at the night market.

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Day 6: Tat Kuang Si

In day 6, we direct to famous Tat Kuang Si waterfall of Laos with the green natural water lakes situated in the towering green forest along the banks of the falls. Here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the habitat of Asian black bears rescued from illegal wildlife trade. On the way back, you should take some time to admire the outskirts surrounding Luong Prabang and the Mekong from car.

Tat Kuang Si- the most beautiful waterfall in Laos

Day 7: Luang Prabang

The monk in Tak Bak pilgrimage
The last day in Luang Prabang, you will not want to miss the pilgrimage Tak Bak full of orange color of the monks’ frock here. You can discover more about this land through the famous temples here or catch a ferry across the Mekong River to reach Ban Xieng Maen village. You can spend the last evening here to buy souvenirs at the night market and try to join a dance at Utopia- the famous gathering place in the region.

Night market in Luang Prabang
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