Hai Duong Province Travel Guide for Backpackers

Hai Duong is the cradle of folk culture characteristics of the Red River Delta region with many unique ancient art forms as Ca trù, Chèo. Apart from that, Hai Duong is the land of sacred land and preeminent people, the birthplace of many famous people such as Tran Nguyen Dan, Hai Thuong Lan Ong - Le Huu Trac, Nguyen Trai, Mac Dinh Chi...
The field of grass in Chi Linh district
Places to visit in Hai Duong

History has left Hai Duong with 1,098 relics including 133 monuments recognized as national relics. Besides the rich culture and history, Hai Duong is a land linked with names of many celebrities such as the world military celebrity Tran Hung Dao, the world cultural celebrity Nguyen Trai, famous teacher Chu Van An, Mac Dinh Chi, great doctor Tue Tinh... That is why almost coming to any communes and districts of the province, you will have the opportunity to visit numerous large and small historic sites, hear hundreds of myths about the great celebrities or touch crafted items from ancient times.

Part 1 : Hai Duong Province Travel Guide for Backpackers

Based on the facts above, the landscapes in Hai Duong can be divided into 3 different groups. The first group is a series of historical monuments, the second group consists of the traditional trade villages, and the third group is the group of the natural landscapes.

The places which should not be ignore in the first group are the majesty, the architectures, objects associated with the time and social events in Kiep Bac Temple worshipping Holy Tran; Doan Temple worshipping the great mandarin Tuan Tranh; Con Son pagoda attached to the life and career of Nguyen Trai; Cao Temple, Temple of Literature- Mao Dien; Chu Dau- My Xa pottery relics; Bach Hao temple historical monument, ruins of Kinh Chu- An Phu…

Con Son relic seen from above
The trip to the green bean cake manufacture factories, or witnessing the stages of selecting ingredients, grinding, pounding, extracting water from leaves to make Gai cakes (glutinous rice cake dyed black in a concoction of leaves)… will help you understand more about particular flavor of these two cakes, and why they have become famous delicacies throughout the country. Besides, the discovery, experience in one of the cradles of our country's water puppets in two water puppet groups named Thanh Hai and Thanh Ha is also no less interesting.

A water puppet performance
In the three scenic groups, the third group is fairly modest with Chi Lang Nam stock island (Chi Lang Nam commune, Thanh Mien district), a small island between the blue An Duong lake. The highlight of this destination is the beautiful natural pictures of thousands of noisy birds singing in the morning and afternoon. The carefree scene of boating on the cool lake while seeing the beautiful picture of the nature, hearing the birds chattering, and hearing the voice of fish wagging their tail, or the pleasure of discovering hundreds of rare animals and plants.

Discovering hundreds of rare animals and plants.
Also, in Hai Duong, there has a sight not to be classified in the three above groups, Chi Linh Star Golf Country Club (Sao Do/ Red Star Ward, Chi Linh district). The golf course is assessed to be not only leading course in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asia.

Chi Linh Star Golf Country Club
What to bring in the trip to Hai Duong 

- Wear tidy, polite clothes to visit, admire the historical monuments.
- Wear shoes, sandals to be easy in moving.
- Bring sunscreen, long shirt (in the dry season) and umbrella, raincoat (in the rainy season),
- Bring your personal items, medicines for common diseases.
- If you intend it to camp, carry tent, specialized pot, blankets and warm clothing.

The common routes

Hanoi / Saigon - Hai Duong - Hai Phong - Hung Yen
Hanoi / Saigon - Phong Nha - Hue - Nghe An - Hai Duong
Tourism Sea: Hanoi / Saigon - Hai Duong - Son

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