Place to visit in southern region and southern coastal area Cambodia


Kampot is a small town located in southern Cambodia, near Kampong Bay river and not very far from the Gulf of Thailand. Tourists visiting Cambodia come here to enjoy the tranquility of the countryside along the river. Outstanding attractions: Bokor Mountain with wild house in French architecture, caves in Phnom Chhnork, the famous ancient bridge spanning the Kampong river and old Kampot train station.
The peaceful village along the river in Kampot


The coastal town owns the most famous beaches of Cambodia tourism, including Otres / Ochheuteal beach, which is the cleanest and the most beautiful beach. Also, from Sihanoukville, tourists can visit some beautiful islands offshore Cambodia such as Koh Russei (bamboo island) and Koh Rong – the paradise island, also considered the island that has the most beautiful beaches of all the islands of Cambodia .

The beautiful islands of Cambodia:

Koh Rong island – the island having the most beautiful beaches

Koh Rong island is located in the Gulf of Thailand, 20km from the coastal city of Shihanoukville. It takes only about 2 hours travelling by boat on the calm sea gulf to get to Koh Rong. Completely opposite to vibrant Sihanoukville, Koh Rong island is truly a wild and sweet "paradise” where enthralls you as soon as you set foot, where you will be totally relaxed between sea water and take beautiful photographs. 
The paradise island of Koh Rong

Koh Rong Samloem island - The best place to have fun on the night of the full moon

Koh Rong Samloem is a about 20km from the coastal city of Sihanoukville and takes just over 2 hours travelling by boat on the calm bay. It is known as a pristine paradise and seemed to be separated from the outside world. From a distance, you can see the beauty of the sprawling piers on calm sea, as well as white sand beaches that are outstanding on the gentle green of the rainforest.
Here, in addition to playing in the warm waters of the tropical sea, you can also participate in various types of fun and entertainment on board, enjoy the music and the buffet and drinks. More wonderfully, the ship will stop at Koh Tas island so you can experience snorkel diving to see the colorful coral reefs or try the pier jumping games, fishing at immense sea... And if you are lucky, in the moonlit night, you will see a unique magical natural phenomenon – the phosphorescent sea.

Koh Ta Kiev Island - The best place to camp

Only taking visitors 1 hour travelling from the mainland, Koh Ta Kiev island is one of the best islands to camp in Cambodia. Tourists can pitch a tent, a hammock on the beach. You will also have an outdoor barbecue party with lots of fresh seafood. In addition, visitors can climb the mountain and explore the jungle on Koh Ta Kiev.

Koh Totang Island - The best place to escape from the noisy life

Koh Totang is an island with clear blue water beaches, ideal for snorkeling. Koh Totang is a small island in shape of the dolphin in the archipelago of Koh S'Dach in Cambodia. If tourists want to find a place to escape from the noisy world, please visit Koh Totang. Deserted sandy beach is the right place for you to rest and relax.

Some notes

  • Cambodia is considered the shopping paradise, you can buy handicrafts or souvenirs at the market, there are many stores raising the price to 2-3 times. You can buy Khmar towels, kinds of bracelet or products such as snakehead, catfish, water snakes with very cheap price, or electronics whose prices are the cheaper than they are in Vietnam. However, note that if you buy with more than 5 million VND, you must declare and pay the current tax.
  • You absolutely can not touch the head of children, because they conceived that the child’s head is a very sacred place
  • Do not give things or money with left hand because Cambodians consider it a not "clean “act
  • When entering the temple, you absolutely should not wear a hat, you have to take off the footwear and leave them at the door, and not to stand near or touch the monks.
  • Being cheerful and friendly in communication will help a lot for your trip.

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