What to Eat in Cambodia ?

Cambodia is one of the most wonderful places in the world for those who love Orient culinary. Cambodian Cuisine is influenced many cuisines of neighboring countries, especially India and China. Like Vietnam, Cambodia is known as an traditional agricultural country, so the main food in Cambodia is rice and Cambodian people have the habit of eating rice and fish more than eating meat, people add spices such as satay, chilli, pepper, anise.. to food to increase the hot and spicy flavour, ... and fat is also quite high in food. What to Eat in Cambodia ?

Amok- the traditional dish in New Year of Cambodia
However, Cambodia culinary culture still creates its own uniqueness and impressions, and well enough to satisfy the gourmets. The familiar dishes of Southeast Asian tourists are rice, sticky rice, dishes cooked from fish, meat, vegetables...,

Besides the delicious dishes that make tourists feel pleases, Cambodia also has many "unique" dishes that many diners do not dare to touch: insect. Here, from dishes of spiders, crickets, ant’s egg to belostomatid… are sold popularly in insect market. Especially, belostomatid dish (beneficial insect living in the fields of Cambodia) is quite a favorite dish of many people for its spicy taste. In addition, many tourists coming here try a fried spider and a cup of Angkor beer to enjoy true taste of the country of temples and tower.
Dishes cooked from insects in Cambodia

Some addresses to eat in Phnom Penh:

- Night Market (Phsa Reatrey) and Kanda market in new West Street (Sisowath Quay area) with the dishes cooked in Cambodian style.
- Veng Nguon Restaurant on Sankat Phsar Kandal 1 located in the heart of new West street (Sisowath Quay area) serve Phnom Penh/ Nam Vang noodle soup.
- Kiwi Bakery and Restaurant is located at the corner of Sisowath Boulevard and 130 Streets, Phnom Penh.
- The sidewalk restaurants on the path opposite to Naga World Hotel (near the seat on mats to enjoy the rustic dishes like Balut (fertilized duck egg), fried fish ball, beer, soft drinks ...
Seating on mats to enjoy rustic dishes is an interesting experience in Phnom Penh

Some addresses to eat in Siem Reap:

- Khmer House Restaurant, where you can find hundreds of Cambodian traditional dishes, in Old Market area.
- Dragon Soup Restaurant, located in the middle of Old Market, serve dishes of Khmer people and European dishes, but Vietnam dishes such as Phở, hot and sour snakehead fish soup, braised meat... are very popular. This is the place that is visited by many Vietnamese tourists.
- Khmer Kitchen Restaurant serve delicious dishes such as Tom Yum, Tom Kha, curry, (grilled rib bone)....
- Temple Restaurant on Pub Street specializes in Khmer cuisine.
Food in Cambodia in general, and in Siem Reap in particular is very rich

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