From Barcelona to Cambodia with Travelgenio

If you decide to start an exotic trip to Cambodia from Barcelona, first you must take into account the way to arrive to one of the main airports in destination.

Cambodia has been one of the most growing destinations in Asia since Angkor Temples were a lot more public for a type of traveller that is hungry for different trips, that wants to enjoy nature, history and art in a none very touristy place. This is why, according to the info of online travel agencies like, this destination is being demanded during last times.

The truth is that Cambodia, as it has borders with Thailand and Vietnam, it is part of many Asian tours offered by the travel agencies. Europeans are really interested in these type of destinations as it seems to be a real contrast with the culture, art and landscapes.

The Buddhist religion is other of the main claims as the temples and the life philosophy is attractive for those who are looking for something in their life, those who want to find their way and their soul relax.

Anyway, for mainly all the tourist, there are some musts once they arrive to this country.

1. Phom Phen: the Cambodian capital is one of the most popular places tourists visit once they arrive here from the main European capitals. This place is unique. You will find pagodas in all the streets, but not only that. One of the most popular gastronomy experiences is just by walking and choosing one of the stalls.

2. Angkor: considered World Heritage, this place is magic and one of the main reasons why travellers arrive to Cambodia. Maybe it is also one of the things why travellers decide to visit the Asiatic Southeast. Travelling to Siem Reap to find out the temple ruins is a mystic route to the Jemer Empire.

3. Koh Rong: have you heard about Koh Samui? Well, this is the alternative too if you are looking for a real paradise. Only accessible by a little ferry, you will spend a calm day here, watching the sea and enjoying nature and beauty.

If you want to life all these, you just have to find your connection. From Spain there are many airports and airlines that will take you to Cambodia, but you just have to know where you are going to travel from and start looking for many different alternatives.

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