Sihanoukville – The attractiveness of a tourist paradise in Cambodia

Not bringing the majesty of Angkor Wat or Angkor Thom, Sihanoukville conquers tourists by the peaceful beauty of nature. Blue sea, white sand and wild nature reserves explain why many visitors choose Sihanoukville as an ideal destination for their next trip.

What do you know about Sihanoukville?

Sihanoukville (or called Kampong Som, Kampong Saom) is a coastal city in the south of Cambodia, at the Gulf of Thailand. 230km far away from Phnom Penh, this city was built to serve as a port city in the late 1950s. But now Sihanoukville is considered a tourist attraction since it meets the demand for a resort of Phnom Penh people and foreign visitors.
Sihanoukville – The attractiveness of a tourist paradise in Cambodia
Sihanoukville on the map
White sandy beaches, warm currents from the Gulf of Thailand blending with sea air create a wonderful tourist spot. Coming here, travelers can avoid the hot weather of tropical climate. Besides, Sihanoukville is also famous as a “2 in 1” destination because you can discover both sea and jungles. Let’s have a look at must-see places in Sihanoukville to know where you should explore in here.

Beautiful beaches

1. Ochheuteal and Serendipty Beach

Lying in the central area of the city, these two beaches are places having many hotels, restaurants and tourist companies with the busy Western Town and coastal eateries.
Sihanoukville – The attractiveness of a tourist paradise in Cambodia
Ochheuteal Beach with a lot of coastal tourism services
There are full of services for relaxation like cinemas, bars, shops… with reasonable prices.

2. Otres Beach

Not far away from Ochheuteal Beach, Otres Beach boasts the tranquility with small fishing villages. The beach with fine white sand and clear blue water is ideal for you to sunbathe and swim in.

3. Sokha Beach

This beach belongs to Sokha Beach Resort – the first five-star beach resort in Cambodia. This is the only place having bungalows with sea view. Nice couples and families with children often choose it to enjoy their summer vacation every year.

4. Independence Beach

Independence Beach is next to Sokha Beach. It is named after an old hotel’s in here. This beach is so clean and suitable for tourists to relax in the sunshine.

5. Victoria Beach

Located in the north of Sihanoukville, Victoria Beach is known as the place to have the best view of sunset over the city.
Sihanoukville – The attractiveness of a tourist paradise in Cambodia
Admiring the view of sunset over Victoria Beach is a must-try experience
With restaurants and bar overlooking the sea, it is really an interesting destination. Visitors can enjoy the seafood and sip some cocktail in loud music after swimming. Or they can also walk along the white sandy beach in the sunset or take part in fishing with locals.

Some islands near Sihanoukville

There are over 10 islands off the shore of Sihanoukville. Below are 3 islands appreciated by tourists due to their pristine beauty as well as tourism services.

1. Koh Rong

There is no need to say much about this island since it is dubbed a tropical paradise in Southeast Asia.
Sihanoukville – The attractiveness of a tourist paradise in Cambodia
Koh Rong Island - the beauty of a tropical paradise in Sihanoukville
With fine white sandy beaches and turquoise seawater, Koh Rong attracts a large number of visitors on an annual basis.

2. Koh Rong Saloem

Situated in the south, this island is smaller than Koh Rong. It is favored by the serenity and quiet which other islands don’t have. Cambodians call it “the lazy island” because the only thing you want to do here is nothing but relaxing. Gorgeous coral reefs will stimulate tourists to dive and snorkel to admire their beauty.

3. Koh Tang

It takes several hours to travel by yacht from Sihanoukville to Koh Tang. Although it is being exploited for tourism purposes, Koh Tang still remains pristine.
Sihanoukville – The attractiveness of a tourist paradise in Cambodia
Koh Tang Beach with the diverse marine ecosystem
On sunny days, the sea surface gleams with a turquoise color. The diverse marine ecosystem with colorful coral reefs and sea animals are also reasons why Koh Tang is appealing in tourists’ eyes.

Ream National Park

One of the most attractive destinations in Sihanoukville is Ream National Park. 18km north of Sihanoukville, this park spreads over 21,000 hectares.
Sihanoukville – The attractiveness of a tourist paradise in Cambodia
A small part of Ream National Park in Sihanoukville
This is home to beaches without human footprints, mangroves and rainforests, offshore coral reefs… There are 155 bird species, wild animals such as monkey, squirrel, ratel…Especially, from November to March every year, Ream is well-known with schools of dolphin in a waterfront area called “Dolphin Station”

Now do you believe that Sihanoukville is a place deserved to discover in this summer?

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