A Quick Stop In Colombo

Sri Lanka is an overall rather small island with serene beaches and calm surroundings. But to say Colombo is calm would be untrue. And I say this in a positive sense. A bit of wildness and chaos makes things a lot more exciting. The capital of Sri Lanka is hustling and bustling from dawn to night and tourists love it here for this reason alone.

Usually when I am in hurry, after a thorough comparison, I either use Airzen or Expedia for my air ticket purchasing before any vacation. Both sites are reliable and offer the best prices in my opinion. But don’t let my recommendation be your only guide. Do your research well before you purchase for yourself. Who knows there may be better deals out there! Air tickets to Colombo are not that pricey so you definitely don’t have to worry too much about the finances. Focus on the exploring part instead. Even though I only spent a day in Colombo before I headed to other cities, I think I pretty much covered all the main areas. 

Rockwell Colombo

After extensive searching and reading all the reviews, I chose to book a room at the Rockwell Colombo. Landing at around 5 am in the morning at Bandaranaika International airport, I was nervous, looking for my driver who had said he would be there holding a play card with my name. Definitely breathed a sigh of relief as my eyes located my name in the air. It was still a little dark as I made my way to the hotel. A sleepy yet still smiling face greeted me at the hotel. Of course I had to wait till my check-in time so I was guided to a roof top with sofas and offered a cup of tea that I gladly accepted. As I entered my room at 10 am, I was hugely impressed. The clean freak in me approved the room immediately. Even the washroom was great. The complimentary breakfast was delicious and cooked freshly in front of me the next morning. The small yet cozy hotel has my full approval.


My local Sri Lankan driver was one of the most genuine and sweetest people I have come across. With his little English skills, he helped and guided me at every step. Public transport in Colombo isn’t that great, so renting a car with driver is recommended.

Galle Face

Beaches are the highlight of Sri Lanka. I visited the Galle Face at night and ended up enjoying the many restaurants facing the water more than the beach itself.

Colombo Museum

I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the museum. It was huge and so much more interesting than I had expected.

Old Dutch Hospital and Ministry of Crab

This area is from the colonial times and the most popular place here is the Ministry of Crab restaurant. Owned by two cricketing legends, the restaurant is famous for its crab.

Even though I had a day in Colombo, I loved every minute of it. So yes, the city is highly recommended to all travelers. 

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