Airline Miles: To Invest Or Not?

Are airline miles worth the money and effort we put in? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the travel industry. I am going to try and address the question with as much detail as possible. First let’s talk a bit about airline miles. By now most frequent travelers are familiar with this concept. But for those who don’t know, it is one of the many ways adopted by the airlines to attract customers and foster customer loyalty. As competition is increasing, airlines are forced to adopt such tactics. Competition is always a blessing for end consumers.

Air Miles are associated with an airline’s frequent flyer program. But let’s not get confused here by the name. The frequent flyer program is not only for frequent flyers but is in fact available to all travelers. Maintain or buy miles account and earn airline miles later to be used when you are flying across the world. The miles you accumulate through different means can be redeemed in several ways. So should you invest your money in buying them and spend a considerable amount of effort in earning them? I believe the answer is yes. The question would not even arise if the answer was going to be no. These programs would have long died if they weren’t beneficial. The fact that they still exist and are prospering with time is in itself a proof of their success. Let’s take a look at some of the most common advantages of airline miles.

Cheap Flights

Ah! Bagging a cheap flight. The ultimate goal of every traveler. I don’t joke when I say some travelers have bagged completely free of cost domestic flights. Of course the number of miles and the policies attached with them will vary airline to airline. Some airlines offer better terms while others not so much. It all comes down to which airline you choose. For every mile, your cost of flight will go down.

Add a layover

By layover, I don’t mean the 2 to 3 hours one. A longer layover means you can actually explore the layover destination. This is as exciting as it gets for a passionate traveler. These stopovers can be very cheap and in some cases free due to airline miles.

Use as a gift

Airline miles are the best gift you can give to an avid traveler. You will realize that when you see the joy on the receiver’s face.


Who doesn’t love shopping? Even if you don’t, it does not matter. You still have to shop, don’t you? Good news is that considerable discounts can be achieved on your shopping through airline miles. But this is only possible if you shop from places that are in alliance with your miles program.

Hotel and car Booking

Hotel and car rental expenses are a major part of any vacation. Through airline miles, you can bag significant discounts depending on the number of miles you have in hand. Again this is only applicable on certain hotels and car rental companies that are partnered with your airline. 

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