Top 7 Beautiful Must-See Destinations in Long An

Long An is not a highlighted destination in the Western area of Vietnam, but it has many attractive and worth sites to visit on the weekends.

1. Tan Lap Floating Village Eco-tourism Site

Tan Lap Floating Village or Tan Lap melaleuca forest situates in Moc Hoa district, Long An province.  The village is still a new place on the map of Vietnam tourism, but it is quite attractive by the beautiful natural scenery of lush green melaleuca forest giving the comfortable and relaxing moments for tourists to escape from the bustling peace of modern life. 

There are two ways to reach this pristine forest. You can travel from Ho Chi Minh city toward to the National Highway 1A to Tan An city (Long An) on the way of 40km and then continue follow The National Highway 62 toward to Moc Hoa district on the way of 62km to get to the village. 

Alternatively, you can depart from the center of Cu Chi town toward to Ben Luc district (Long An) on the way of 70km till you see the T-junction at the end of the road, turn right and go further 35km to get to the village. 

2. Can Giuoc

Can Giuoc is located in the downstream area of Vam Co river, and tourists always thought to this place first. Can Giuoc in the mind of tourists is the image of mudflats of the waterway area, and local specialties such as “cá lóc nướng trui”, or ” mắm còng”, which is eaten with boiled meat.

3. Hundred - Column House

Hundred Column House is located in Cau Ngang village, Long Huu Dong commune, Can Duoc district, Long An province. It was recognized as a National Historic-Cultural Vestige as well as one of the major tourist destinations of Long An. The house is a type of Hue, Nguyen Dynasty house and a unique and traditional sculptural architecture built with the magnificent space. The whole building is shaped like the letter “Quoc”. The Hundred-Column House is composed of three compartments and two lean-tos, and made of the wood Dalbergia, Afzelia xylocarpa, Sindora saimensis.

4. Dong Thap Muoi Ecotourism Park 

Dong Thap Muoi eco is situated about 50km from Tan An city, belonging to the districts of Moc Hoa, Vinh Hung, Thanh Hoa and Tan Thanh. This is a featured eco-tourism of Long An in particular and the Southern area of Vietnam in general.

Here tourists will see firsthand the vast mangrove forests with the faintly fragrant mixed in the air along with flocks of bees circling and large fields of lotus flower blooming in the sun. Especially tourists can have chance to enjoy special foods of the Southern area of Vietnam such as cork cotton sour soup (canh chua bong dien dien), lotus root salad (goi ngo sen), ca loc nuong tru eaten with peppers and salt and a few glasses of typical rice wine of the southern area of Vietnam.

5. Thanh Tam flower garden

Thanh Tam flower garden in the center of Tan An city with a large scale which both displays many rare ornamental plants as well as genres of bonsai and even over 100 year- old-plants. There were many plants bringing to exhibition and achieving several medals in the southern flower fairs. Here tourists can go sightseeing the whole world in this garden with hundreds flowers from Hue, Angcor Wat, Phu Sy Mount, and Pyramid…

6. Ton Thanh Pagoda

Ton Thanh Pagoda is located on Provincial Highway 835, about 3km from the center of Can Giuoc and Long An district. Generally, the pagoda looks like other ones. However, it is the oldest pagoda of Long An province and is the place where Nguyen Dinh Chieu, a great poet and patriotic scholar lived and created the most celebrated works in Vietnamese literature such as Funeral Oration to the Can-Giuoc Fighters.

7. Dragon fruit and watermelon garden in Chau Thanh

Coming to Chau Thanh district, tourists cannot fail to visit a fruitful garden of dragon fruit and watermelon in Tan An commune. It is not only famous for sweet dragon fruits but also Thanh Tri tasty watermelons.

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