Nawalgarh- A Small Town With Big Offerings For The Architectural Enthusiasts

If someone says did you visit Nawalgarh? Then certainly you will answer in two words either yes or no. But if not, then you should know that this is an integral unit of the Shekhawati region. On the top of that, it is known as the Golden city of Rajasthan. The best to note is that it is a land of traders who has goaded the family business with great passion and interest. Most importantly the place was under the precise supervision of the great leaders who articulated the administration in the best way.

Architectural manifestations at a glance:

The visual portrait of the town gives you more information about its planning and construction. Unambiguously it is well segregated and organized with havelis and forts. Truly, it is a pleasure to have a leisure walk through these havelis. They legitimately describe history and all its facts at large. For architectural patrons, it is a treat to capture for all throughout the life.

Wandering through the streets of Sikar and Jhunjhunu, you will be able to pull together some of the mesmerizing historical artifacts. For architectural lovers, take a deep sight of some of the havelis and forts. But for that please make sure to fix your stay at the luxury resorts in Rajasthan.

  • Bal Quila:

The striking is the frescoes of a mini sized room located inside the fort will steal your presence. The finely embossed colorfully tinted mirror work display artistic excellence of the quila.

  • Morarka Haveli:
Among all the havelis, Morarka haveli is in the priority list as the frescoes and murals are preserved for the itinerants. It is place where the eminent celebrations like the Gangaur and Teez.

  • Aath Haveli:

The famous Aath Haveli, again takes a different tract when it comes to the authentic elegance of the paintings. It scores off some of the amarantharine paintings like the everlasting love between couples, some passengers traveling inside the train and so on.

  • Sheesh Mahal:

Alike all other place of history in importance, the gigantic mahal bears the true history through its murals. The entire ceiling work gives the dimension of the places in between Jaipur and Nawalgarh.

  • Roop Niwas Palace:

As a voracious architecture admirer, you should take some time out for capturing the majestic beauty of this palace. It also puts up heliotrope through its amazing paintings. Not only that, it has well maintained fountains but also verdant garden. Today it has christened into a heritage resort as well.

  • Poddar Haveli:

According to the say of the traveling experts, Poddar haveli is the sumptuous treat for the unswerving architectural lovers. Since 1920, it stands tall and staunchly supports the history of ancient and modern India. It coins the true glory of the haveli through the murals and frescoes.

Well for architecture lovers, these are some of the best architectural treats ready to be served for your plate. Admire it, comment on their splendor from the core of your heart. Along with this, go to the perfect trip planner who will book your accommodation in any of the resorts in Rajasthan.

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