2 Hotels in An Giang Make You Love at the First Sight

Victoria Nui Sam Lodge Hotel, An Giang

Ranked as the most luxurious hotel in An Giang, Victoria Nui Sam Lodge is located on the slopes of Sam Mountain, nestled among pristine natural scenery, surrounded by canals and ancient temples. Not only close and friendly with nature in design, Victoria Nui Sam Lodge also owns many rooms and separate bungalow with sophisticated interior.

Built in the minimalism style but also very modern and harmonious with the surrounding nature, Victoria Nui Sam charms visitors with natural rustic character rather than the lavish luxury amenities. The interior of each room is designed and decorated in the gentle and sophisticated style with high ceilings, same tone of warm red color of floors and wooden furniture. Specifically, each room has a door designed in French style, leading to the separated outdoor balcony area measuring 12m², overlooking an open space of the stunning poetic valley below.

In particular, the things make visitor amazed and most remember is experiencing swimming pool of Victoria Nui Sam Lodge, which overlooks the beautiful rice fields.

When swimming here, you will be immersed in the clear waters, enjoy immense rice fields and romantic, idyllic landscape of An Giang region. Moreover, natural picture also varies by different rice seasons: water filling season, rice planting season, green season and harvest season when all the field is in vividly golden color. 

Enjoying the local cuisine is an integral part of every trip. Cozy dinner at La Giang Restaurant & Bar with 120 seats both indoors and outdoors will satisfy even the most demanding diners with many Vietnamese with characteristic flavor of Mekong Delta.

During sunset, visitors can gather in the gazebo area, a distinctive architecture of Victoria Nui Sam Lodge. Here, guests can relax on the sofa, sipping a fragrant cocktail and watching panoramic view of mountain in a subtle romantic atmosphere.

Victoria Chau Doc Hotel

Located in a unique location in the city center of Chau Doc, right inshore Hau River, Victoria Chau Doc Hotel is like a small oasis emerging among the large confluence. Built in the colonial style with low-rise architecture of France, Victoria Chau Doc Hotel is the perfect harmony with the surrounding natural landscape.

Most rooms feature airy large balconies, where you can relax, watch colorful boats crossing at the confluence. The entire interior is made from wood and dotted with local ornaments in harmonious East-West style.

Victoria Chau Doc Hotel was also nominated for the slogan "Preserving green environment" by The Guide magazine which is under the management of Vietnam Economic Times magazine. It was also the studio of the famous film Apocalypse Now by famed director Francis Ford Coppola.

Bassac restaurant of the hotel is situated on the waterfront with views overlooking an open space, covering the entire beauty of the water, land and sky. Especially at dawn, visitors can watch the busy scene of boats crossing the confluence while enjoying breakfast at the hotel, which is so romantic for Vietnam honeymoon holidays.

The menu is a combination of Vietnamese and European dishes that guests can request in the warm space inside or windy patio outside.

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