Discover Tien Beach in Nha Trang

Being a crescent-shape beach, Tien Beach located 10 kilometers away from Nha Trang city’s center. The beach is special because it is the beach without sand, mostly has rocks.

To get to Tien Beach, travelers ride motorbike from Nha Trang city’s center, follow the new asphalted road connecting Tran Phu – Pham Van Dong road.

Unlike other beaches in Nha Trang city, Tien Beach absolutely doesn’t have sand, instead it is covered with rocks in various forms and shapes.

Looking down from above, the crescent shape of the beach looks like a truly crescent moon in deep blue color. The scene becomes more romantic as we look at the waves stranding to the rock coastline.
Travelers have to follow a dirty road, pass through bushes in order to get down to Tien Beach.

With clean blue sea, cool and tranquil space, Tien Beach is an fascinating destination for couples in a honeymoon who wish to have beautiful time with each other.

During the early morning or sunset, the locals often come here to enjoy the scenery, practice yoga, walk along the coastline to feel the refreshing atmosphere, or listen to the waves hitting the rocks.
Besides walking along the coastline, swimming, travelers can also experience various activities like fishing, scuba diving and watch the colorful corals.

Near Tien Beach there are many other landmarks which should not be missed like Bat Cave, Ong Gia Cave, Ke Ga Cape, Ganh Than Mui,…

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Ong Gia Cave

Considered as a miniature version of Halong Bay in Nha Trang, Ong Gia Cave is significant with rocky shores, long connected rock caves, inside is a small Z-shape path. There is a beautiful pool inside the cave. During the low tide, the rocks appear with full of glittering colors.

Outside of the cave there are lines of coral with many fish, shellfish species, many white sand shores, wide rock shore which is suitable for group activities, photographing.

To get to Ong Gia cave, from Nha Trang city’s center, travelers follow 2/4 Street to the North, to Dong De post office. Then look to the opposite side, you will see Mai Xuan Thuong road, follow this road and you will arrive at Ong Gia cave.

Ganh Than Mui

Located to the North of Tien Beach, Ganh Than Mui is the place which has many large rock splinters with all kinds of shape, lean toward the sea.

Ke Ga Cape is a high rock edge points toward the sea, which has unique shape.

Dơi Cave lies near the sea within the Ganh Than Mui’s region.

Nowadays, coming to the city of Nha Trang, visitors have new interesting destinations to enjoy the beauty of the wild sea, relax the mind after days of hard-work.

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