The Must-See Tourist Places in Con Dao

Located in Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Con Dao is famous for crystal clear sea and white sandy beaches which is so alluring. In addition, the air on the island is very fresh, which is like paradise resort, considered a great destination for those who want to "escape" the noisy city to relax.

Con Dao Prison

Con Dao Prison is considered a "hell on earth" during the war against the French and American. This prison system was built by the French to detain the prisoners who were considered “particularly dangerous” for the French - political prisoners. Under the French colony, thousands of patriots and communists against the colonial government were detained, and then it was used to detain prisoners by the American during the American war.

The most famous site in the prison is "tiger cages". "Tiger cages" is where the most extreme solitary confinement. Here prisoners were detained in small rooms - measuring only 5m², without bed. The prisoners were shackled and must sleep under damp cement floor, sanitary conditions and diet was very poor, and they were often tortured to interrogate. This area is for important prisoners refused to declare, for the purpose of using the misery to subdue the will of prisoners. To avoid public protest, the "tiger cages" is isolated and kept secret, for a long time no one on the outside knew about the existence of the "tiger cages".

Mrs Phi Yen Temple

Mrs. Phi Yen Temple, also known as An Son Temple, is an ancient temple built in 1785, (then was rebuilt in 1958) to worship Mrs. Phi Yen, second wife of King Nguyen Anh. This temple is sacred to the people on the island and it is associated with a tragic story of the beautiful and talented woman. After her death, the people on the island founded a beautiful and big temple to worship her. In 1861, the French occupied the island and brought all inhabitants to the mainland to build prisons. The temple was gradually downgraded. In 1958, the people on the island rebuilt it on the old foundation.

Dam Tre Bay

Located in the northern island of Con Son and 3 km from Con Dao airport. This is a sheltered bay, deeply rooted in the land, the harmonious combination between the sea and mountains gives the bay poetic, mysterious, charming scenery and clean environment.

Con Dao Museum

Constructed from 12/2009, Con Dao museum with a total budget of 62 billion VND is a meaningful work and a place to preserve the historical value, demonstrates the tragic era but also hugely heroic period of the nation.

With nearly 2,000 documents, artifacts are displayed under 4 key issues, including reflecting the crimes of colonialism and imperialism; fighting spirit of tenacity, indomitable of Vietnamese soldiers and patriots during 113 years; the development of Con Dao today as well as promoting the value of the historic site of Con Dao as a national heritage and education for the younger generation revolutionary traditions of the Party and people of Vietnam.

Nui Mot Temple 

Nui Mot Temple (Van Son Tu) is located on Nui Mot, built in 1964. The temple, after a long time of downgrading, was renovated in 13/08/2010, inaugurated on 4/12 / 2011. Due to the temple located in the mountains, it offers panoramic views down to the sea, overlooking the Bay of Con Dao and Con Son, An Hai lake.

Ba Island

Ba Island is the 3rd largest island of the 16 islands to Con Dao archipelago. Coming to Hon Ba, visitors can easily find beautiful beaches, forest ecosystems and diverse mangroves with many kinds of plants and rare animals.

Once there, you can walk about 20 minutes through the forest to the west, then you will reach Dam Quoc beach to explore pristine mangrove forest, swim, enjoy snorkeling and marine life; or visitors can climb to conquer Mount Love. In the rainy season, after bathing, visitors can delight in the cool clean spring right at edge of the forest near the beach.

Ong Dung Beach

Ong Dung Beach is a beautiful and ideal beach, situated in the Con Dao National Park , approximately 4 km to the west of the center. From the center of the National Park, you can walk for about an hour on the trail through the forest to get to Ong Dung Beach. Upon arrival you will feel all tiring feeling disappear, and you will be excited when watching the fish around, the colorful corals… like they welcome you to enjoy yourself in the turquoise waters here.

Tai Island

Tai Island is located to the southeast of the island of Con Son, covers an area of 34 ha, and attracts visitors with beautiful natural scenery, ideal for relaxation, sightseeing, explore nature on the island. Tai Island has two small sandy beaches, where is the ground for hundreds of mother turtles to lay eggs in breeding season every year and there are thousands of baby turtles back to the ocean (from April to September annually). In particular, here you have the opportunity to see squirrels ebony - marmot endemic only in Con Dao, geckos, lizards, monkeys and sea birds.

Cau Island

This place is quite famous because it was formerly an ancient village under Gia Long Dynasty with the name “Mrs Thiet village”. Cau Island is one of two islands in Con Dao archipelago, which have groundwater. In front of Cau Island there is a white sand beach stretching along the bow mountains, interspersed towering coconut trees. Here you can visit historical site, visit the palm forest, orchards, explore nature conservation, swim and enjoy coral … these are exciting unforgettable experiences.

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