Travel Guide to Discover Mau Son in Vietnam

With 1.500-meter height compared to water-surface level, Mau Son was considered to be the land of wind and fog. Especially during Winter, if lucky you can see the white snow decorating on ancient French villas, branches, grasses, covering all houses, entrances,…


Mau Son mountain has two distinct seasons. During Summer, the weather is cool, comfortable, suitable for relaxing vacation. While in Winter, there may be snow. Depend on your needs that you can plan your trip in appropriate time.


From Hanoi, you can go by car to Lang Son, then hire motorbike from Lang Son City to ride to Mau Son or go via taxi. Mau Son is 30 kilometers away from Lang Son City to the East.

Visiting Destination

Camping on Mau Son: In midst of great area of the nature, what can be better than having campfire with friends and a sip of wine on top of Mau Son. This will be an unforgetable experience while visiting Lang Son.

Visiting ethnic groups’ villages: Mau Son mountain is home to ethnic minorities: Dao, Nung, Tay. Among these hamlets, Khuoi Cap hamlet is the Dao’s old living place. Nowadays this is an attractive tourism spot. You can hire a local guide to discover the cultural values of the locals here.

Long Dau Stream: This is a rather huge stream with 10-kilometer length, flows on territory 2 of Mau Son and Yên Khoái village Loc Binh district. The stream starts from magnificient Mau Son mountainous area with 1.000-meter height. Its flow follows North-South direction through slopes, old forests of Lap Pia hamlet to lower area. Long Dau Stream has a peaceful beauty with the clear, cool water, except during rain season when the stream looks raging.

Visiting Phat Chi mountain: Lies in the Northeast side of Mau Son village (Loc Binh district, Lang Son province). To the local Dao people, this is a sacred ground. People often come here to pray and conduct ceremony. From Phat Chi mountain, you can look afar and see continuous trail of mountains; green lush grassfield which is huge, spreads across the view.

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1: Traveling from Hanoi to Lang Son, if you have time then you can visit several tourism destinations in Lang Son first. If you travel via bus from Hanoi to Lang Son, then you can hire a taxi from the arrived location straight to Mau Son. After your arrival at Mau Son and receive your hotel room, you can take a tour around the mountain’s peak for photographing. At night, it is a good time to have campfire.

Day 2: Travel around Mau Son, visit Dao hamlets on the way down like Khuoi Cap, Khuoi Tang take a tour at Long Dau Stream and visit Phat Chi mountain. All of these destinations can be visited within a day. In the afternoon, it’s time to move down from the mountain and back to Hanoi.

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