Pleiku - Are You Sure that You Want to Go Home After Visiting

Pleiku does not have shopping centers, entertainment areas or modern resorts. However, if you want to get away from the chaos of everyday life, leave the noise to find yourself in tranquillity, immerse yourself in the majestic setting of nature, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee and see the street, go to this city.

Come to Pleiku, you will be surprised by the bright green fields under the sun, the wild flowers, the trees stretching on the dream road. And when you walk on the road, you will feel so good with the cosy smile and warm heart of the hospitable people.

Then there is the excitement of having a motorbike ride through the cows, or the great feeling when you climb to the summit of the mountain and feel yourself so small among the sky. Simply, but very quickly, you will discover that you have fallen in love with the city with nothing to play at all.

Tourist Destinations

If you are interested in exploring, enjoying the natue, Pleiku surely does not disappoint you because there are dozens of beautiful places to go. Places to visit in Pleiku includes: Great Lake, Great Tea Lake, Minh Thanh Pagoda, Pleiku Prison. The must-sees in Kontum that you should not ignore are The Wooden church, the Kontum suspension bridge and the bishop's palace.

The Great lake and the Great Tea Lake are all on the way back to Kontum. If you come here, you should find correct way first and do not hesitate to ask the local people to avoid the wrong way. Let’s visit the The Great Tea lake before going to the Great Lake. Along the road into the bamboo plantation are two rows of tall vertical romantic trees.

Kon Klor suspension bridge is located in Kon Klor village, Kon Tum town. It is the most beautiful industrial suspension bridge in the Central Highlands, connecting the two banks of the Dak Bla River. The suspension bridge with orange highlights on the blue sky, the two sides are also very beautiful on a sunny day.

Visiting Pleiku, if you have the time, you should go to Kon Tum and visit Kon Tum Cathedral or Wooden Church with unique architecture. The church was built entirely by hand-made method with full wood material. The scene in the church through the window frame when the sun shining on the view is very magical.

And another must-see destination is the Chu Dang Ya mountain. Every year in early to mid-November, along the way up the mountains, two rows of wild daisy flowers bloom brilliantly, creating a fascinating and alluring scene. However, this time, very sorry that flowers have faded. However, if you come here, you will still not regret the beautiful scene of the sky and nature.

When you are at the top of the mountain and overlook the surrounding, you are extremely happy that it’s worth the effort you put out in front of the super-impressive scene of nature. The sky is clear, the green hills, the wind blows, the air is very clear ... things that you cannot find in the city. Just a few deep breaths is already worth seeing. One note when climbing Chu Dang Ya is that this mountain is not high and not too steep but needs good shoes because the soil is very slippery, quite dangerous. People often go out in the afternoon but it is late and it is very sunny so you can do it in the morning.

If you have time to stay for a day or fly from the early morning you should spend time visiting some places like the Kon Ka Kinh National Park or famous waterfall in the Central Highlands such as Phu Cuong waterfall, Chin Tang waterfall. Most places are very easy to visit, you can both go and ask local people. They are very honest and willing to give directions if they know it.


The cuisine of Mountain Street of Pleiku and the good places to eat are reviewed a lot online. Remarkable dishes are phở khô - dry noodle, delicious sweet soup on Nguyen Thai Hoc street, Nem (Phuong restaurant on Nguyen Thai Hoc street), beef hot pot (Hung Vuong street), grilled chicken and bamboo rice.  At Kontum you should enjoy the forest leaves hot pot. The average price of the food is only 20.000 – 30.000 VND (0.8 – 1.2 usd), the hot pot is only about 200.000 VND (8 USD) - enough for two people.

Dried noodle is a very characteristic dish of Pleiku. The noodle and the soup í placed separately to suit the palate of customers, so they can choose to eat dry or wet. A portion of dried pho includes pho (noodle), broth and many vegetables. Dried chicken noodle soup is the most popular dried noodles here.

Grilled beef is not the specialty of Pleiku, but in the cool weather, this dish is great. Cup of fire beef, unique dishes with meat pieces which are sweet and fragrant.

Information For You

You can spend 3 days 2 nights to explore these two beautiful cities. Getting to Pleiku from Hanoi, the most convenient way to save time and energy is by plane. If lucky and not afraid to hunt cheap ticket in advance, you can hunt for tickets as many months ago, two-way round trip tickets only cost 500.000 – 700.000 VND ( USD 20 – 28).

Pleiku Center is not too wide, it’s only 4-5km from the airport to the city center. The hotel is located on Hai Ba Trung Street, Le Lai Street. This is the center, but there are quite a lot of hotels with reasonable prices, for example Cong Doan hostel, pricing 220.000 (USD 9)/2 persons/night. A newer and more modern hotel is Tre Xanh at the opposite of the Cong Doan.

Buses can be used for transportation in the city and surrounding areas, but it is a very long and inflexible route. Advice for people to explore is motorcycle (150,000 VND (USD 6)/ day). Guests can ask the receptionist of the hotels to hire it with simple procedure.

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