Burmese Tea Leaf Salad - Dishes You Need to Try

Burmese culinary style is an interesting thing that any tourist visiting Myanmar wants to enjoy once in a lifetime. Salad Leaf Tea is one of the specialty street food of Myanmar that should not be missed.
Tea Leaf Salad, known as lepehet or fermented tea leaves is one of the most famous dishes of the Burmese people. These leaves are used to make famous salads.

When visiting the traditional restaurants in the country, you not only can eat a lot of good food but also have interesting dining experience. The pickled sour leaves are mixed with cabbage fiber, sliced tomatoes, kinds of beans, garlic oil, garlic slices, spicy chili to create a special Tea Leaf Salad.

Tea Leaf Salad is used in many situations: for snacks, appetizers or eaten with rice. However, Burmese people advise that eating too much tea leaves salad will cause insomnia, like the effect of any fresh tea.

Tea Leaf Salad is a snack or appetizer. This is probably also the most popular dish in Myanmar. The leaves are fermented, slightly sour and slightly bitter, mixed with small chopped cabbage, tomatoes, crispy peas and other nuts and peas, some garlic oil and a few spicy chili peppers. These tea leaves are used to make tea leaves and are used for snacks, appetizers or with rice.

However, this dish is also considered a stimulant, so visitors are often advised not to enjoy too much if you do not want to be sleepless.

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