Explore Burmese Tea Cake

One thing really is special when it comes to Burmese cuisine: you can enjoy tea and cake in Burmese style. You will enjoy the cake along with the tea together with an unforgettable taste for the tourists traveling to Myanmar.

Normally, cakes are often served with milk, but the combination of tea and cake in Myanmar is a very new thing, you can not imagine how delicious it tastes . You have to try directly at the restaurant to feel the delicious taste of each drop of tea and each piece of cake.

Tea shops in Myanmar are not the only place to enjoy sweet tea. The tea-bar is typical of Myanmar's ethnic minorities, with traditional noodles and rice. In Indian teahouses, you will find familiar dishes in South Asia such as curry served with crispy bread or plain bread. They even eat bread with desserts. At Chinese teahouses, diners will always find famous dishes like meat dumplings and Thunder Dumplings. Drinking tea and enjoying the cake is a characteristic of the Burmese culinary culture.

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