Suggestion of Best Attractive Places in Myanmar

Myanmar, because of long time closing the door to the world, is one of the most mysterious countries in Southeast Asia with thousands of golden temples. Its cultural and geographical diversity help it retains many of historical and unique characters. Today, we will explore with you the great attractions in Myanmar and the wonderful unique sites of this country.

The first city in the journey to Myanmar is Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, which is the capital of Myanmar. Shwedagon Pagoda is the heart of Yangon, the most sacred pagoda in the country with interesting history behind. According to legend, the Shwedagon Pagoda was built during the Buddha's time more than 2,500 years ago. It is the holy site which keeps the relics of the Buddha. Located at an altitude of 326 feet (100 meters) in the city, Shwedagon Pagoda is a notable landmark from the surrounding areas. This is one of the wonders of the world and also the most holy temple in Southeast Asia.

The next stop that we can not miss while traveling to Myanmar is Bangan. Bagan, known as Pagan in the past, and this is the center of ancient national architecture. It is located in the upper part of Myanmar and was once the capital of the first dynasty of Myanmar. The templeis mostly covered in red. The religious monumentswere built more than 1,500 years ago and it can be said that Bagan is the most memorable place for visitors to Myanmar. With over 2,000 temples and towers located in the area and along the east bank of the Ayeyarwady River, it spreads about 42 square kilometers.

If Bangan is at an altitude of 326 feet, Mandalay is in the middle of one of the most historic rivers in Ayeyarwaddy and Shan State. Mandalay is the center of Upper Burma regarding geography as well as economy. It is even considered the center of Burmese culture. The unique culture of Mandalay is the means of transportation that people use to travel – bicycle, which is very eco friendly and leisure. In Mandalay - the cycling city, most citizens choose to travel on a bicycle rather than other kinds of vehicle.

Mandalay is close to Baganand also the center of this country, as a result, different traditions and cultures can be found right in the city. That’s why every visitor always goes to Mandalay when visiting Myanmar. It is not only for sightseeing, but theyalso can see and observe the different cultures and traditions of Myanmar in one place.

 Inle Lake

Come to Myanmar tour we can not ignore Inle lake, located in Shan Hills in Myanmar. It is a fresh water lake with many villages against the misty mountains. The weather of Inlelake is different from other places - the air is a little cooler and drier. The unique culture that visitors can find in Inlelake is that fishermen tend to paddle using their feet and it is also part of the Inle lake tradition itself.

Other important landscapes that we can expect to see in Inle Lake include floating tomatoes fields around the lake, flower garden.... The friendliness of the locals and their daily activities are a little bit better for the visitors that they can enjoy a pleasant ride along the laketo experience local community.
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