Unique Architecture of Churches in Dalat

The stunning Cam Ly Church features the tile roof preserving vestige of time and the pyramid structure similar to the traditional houses named « Nha Rong » of the ethnic minority group in the Western Highland of Vietnam (Tay Nguyen). 

Situated on Nguyen Khuyen Street, Ward 5, Dalat City, Cam Ly Church, so-called Son Cuoc Church has fascinated visitors by the ancient beauty and mysterious stories.

This amazing church has existed for 50 years, in which it underwent a lot of challenges and difficulties in constructing. Originally, Cam Ly church is only served the ethnic minorities (mainly the K'ho group) but it is currently opening to those who do not belong to the ethnic groups.

The church is firstly characterized by 2 impressive statues of a tiger and an eagle which are the symbols of power, protection, and development. Additionally, the trail leading to the church is filled with « eyes - catching » wild flowers which promise to satisfy those who are engaged in nature exploration. Most significantly, the roof is made of dark-brown bricks in the shape of the pyramid like the communal house of ethnic minorities in Tay Nguyen. Thus, it captures the eyes of visitors from the far distance.

Entering the church, you definitely enjoy the « strange » combination of different colors, triangles, and rectangles. It’s said that the triangle represents « Yang » - The Supreme Being of the ethnic minorities, also Jesus. Meanwhile, the square is the conception of the universe, in which everything revolved around Earth. It might be the reason why the statue of Jesus is centered at the first part of the church.

There is one thing interesting that the pilgrims lay the head of a buffalo under Jesus Christ Statue for the reason people are also benign, diligent and loyal as a buffalo’s distinguishing characteristics. Cam Ly church is currently home to  60 children who are orphaned or sent by their mothers. Every day, they study, play and pray inside the church in the afternoon.

The church’s ideal position definitely enables it to pick up sunlight and afford an open space. However, it has been familiar to travelers because people are quite ‘patient ‘. Featuring its own architecture, designs, and displays, the amazing Cam Ly Church is cozy with family’s atmosphere.

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