The 3 Most Beautiful Paradise Islands To Visit in South-East Asia

5 beautiful lands are near Vietnam, you can move extremely easily, even no need to go by plane. The cost of travel is very reasonable, the food is diverse and delicious, suitable with the Vietnamese taste. All elements are so great, why not plan to travel? It’s a pity if we can not visit them.

Bali - Indonesia

In the list of paradise beach, certainly Bali can not be ignored. With the famous saying "Who to Bali also have a love affair" in the book "Eat, pray, love" by Elizabeth Gilbert has inspired many people explore this beautiful land. Is that why this place is called "island of couples". Beside the natural scenery that is already romantic, the resort in Bali also looks pristine and full of amenities to dazzle. And this time is also the best time to visit Bali.

Bali is very large. If you want to visit all things here, it might take 10 days or more. Because Bali has not only beautiful beaches but also caves, volcanoes, highlands, terraces, temples bearing bold Hinduism. Maybe not much to say, just see the pictures below that you could fall in love with Bali.

Beverages in Bali are also varied and delicious. Many typical dishes of this place such as: roasted pork, Bebek Goreng, Pepes and tum ... are very easy to eat, suitable with the Vietnamese taste but the price is also cheap. A beachfront dinner with friends, or romance with a lover, is a lovely experience in Bali.

El Nido - Philippines

The Philippines is a land of islands, so this neighboring country has many "Pearl Islands" that the country in favor.

Approximately 420 km from Manila, El Nido is located at the bottom of Palawan Island, so it is as deserted and pristine as a newly discovered raw gemstone. In El Nido, swimming and diving is great, but you can also sail to visit the smaller islands around. You will discover many lesser known secret beach beaches. Only you and your lover on the beach, so great!

But sometimes when you want to be lazy, you lie on the white sand beach, listen to music, relax yourself to be in harmony with nature alone, it’s enough to feel happy too.

Boracay - Philippines

If El Nido is a lesser-known gem,  Boracay is one of the famous “brands” of the Philippines long ago. The white sand beach stretches out, clear turquoise sea water is the first impression when you come to Boracay. Most people just say "wow" when they come here.

In Boracay, you are immersed in the serene landscape of an island, wild and attractive poetic sea. Besides, the service is good but very diverse, with a full range of high-end to affordable for tourists. Going to Boracay, you will be fascinated, just want to drop off at the beach all day, then dive the sea between the fish and watch the coral through clear water, or jump from the cliff to the clear water. This is a very attractive experience.

All of the above factors are enough to call this place "heaven"? Let's take a look at some photos of the young Vietnamese who have traveled to Boracay, so inspirational!

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