The Best Chinese Restaurants in Pattaya

Roasted duck, tom yum hot pot or fried vegetable dish are easy to eat dishes that you will enjoy when visiting the restaurant.

Going to central Pattaya, just ask any citizen, they can show you the way to Leng Kee - a restaurant specializing in Thai-Chinese dishes quite famous for tourists. After you finish eating, you can take a tuk tuk to Walking street for about 20 baht per person.

 Chinese dishes are highly appreciated here. The best dish of the restaurant is roasted chicken and duck, placed in a clean, shiny glass cabinet. There are many staff so you don’t need to wait so long.

Food is not as expensive as the grandeur of the restaurant. A dish of duck turn right of the Chinese, eaten with sour ginger and soy sauce is about 190,000. Because there are so many good restaurants, if you go to a large group, you will enjoy more dishes.

Sweet and sour steamed squid: enough for some people to eat about 180,000 VND (270 bath) per serving. Fresh squid, very sweet, spicy sauce, you should ask the chef to cook it as you wish. Squid is slightly fat, suitable for eating with white rice.

Grilled mussels: This is grilled and marinated with chilli peppers, garlic and spicy sauce. Fresh garlic is cut into pieces, looks a bit like mussels, so if you can not eat, you need to be careful. This dish is very stimulating because after eating a mussel, the garlic's hot smell will poke on the nose, very refreshing. One plate costs about 190,000 VND (285 bath).

If you choose Chinese restaurant, then you should not miss the characteristic fried vegetables. Fried vegetables with oyster sauce or squash topped with garlic, though simple but very tasty, sweet, cost about 60,000 VND (90 bath).

The restaurant serves both delicious Thai and Chinese delicacies. Thai dishes look not very attractive but the taste is very good. A serving of Pad Thai is at 170,000 VND (255 bath).

Tom yum hotpot here is quite delicious with fresh seafood such as shrimp, squid and mushrooms. The pot is large enough for about 5-6 people to eat, costs about 200,000 VND (300 bath).

Most diners are satisfied when they come to the restaurant, not only in the way they serve, the food is delicious but the space is wide and comfortable. The restaurant has an outdoor (non air conditioned) outdoor area for those who enjoy the bustling streets of central Pattaya at night, air-conditioned rooms and private rooms for groups. The restaurant is especially crowded at lunch and dinner, open 24 hours so whenever you feel hungry, you can come here.

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