The Features in Burmese Culture That You Need to Know

Here are the cultural characteristics of the Myanmar people you should know to be able to experience your Myanmar trip is more perfect.


Burmese is the official language in Myanmar. This is the mother tongue of the Burmese. The Burmese language is used as the mother tongue of the 32 million people in the world and is the second language of ethnic minorities in Myanmar.

The Burmese language can be classified into two types: "Ordinary" type is commonly found in text, newspapers and radio, and the second type is often found in everyday conversation. The Burmese script is derived from the writing of the Mon language.

A distinctive feature of costumes and customs

Myanmar's government encourages people to preserve their national identity. As a result, Myanmar is known for its distinctive character, as well as its customs and traditions.

Myanmar's traditional costume is Longyi for men (a kind of sarong wrapped in the middle of the body) with a shirt or a Taipon (traditional shirt), and the ladies wear Thummy which is a similar fashion to the Lao, Thai dresses. All wear slippers. Both men and women only wear shoes when wearing European style clothes.


Instead of chemical cosmetic, women in this country use Thanaka as a makeup on the face, neck and hands to protect their face from the sun.

Chewing betel nuts

People here love to chew betel nuts, many people gladly say, they are like "red toothed vampires" but gentle and friendly.


In traditional Burmese villages, temples are the center of cultural life. Monks are revered and people kneel in front of them to show respect for them. The initiation ceremony, called shinbyu, marks the most important maturity of a young boy entering a monastery for a short period of time. The girls also have ear piercing when they reach adulthood. Myanmar culture is most expressed in the villages where local festivals are held throughout the year, the most important of which is the temple festival.


Myanmar people also have a strange customs: to become beautiful, from the age of 5, the girl must have a belt waist, then embroidered 30 more belts. When choosing a girl for a wedding, the size of a girl's waist is also one of the important criteria.

The beauty of the festivals 

Myanmar is one of the most festive countries in the world, festivals take place around the years, but mainly in March and April when the farm work is less. The events here are extremely unique and interesting, attract so many people. Myanmar welcomes new year in April, in different from Vietnam and some countries in the world, on the day of their New Year's greetings, there is a water splash festival, they use water falling together in the desire to wash away the dust of the old year, welcome a new year of luck and happiness. Visitors to Myanmar at this time also immersed themselves in the atmosphere of local people and have fun with water on the street...

In addition, there are festivals in which the children starting to become monks, perhaps this festival affirms the spirit of the people here, the festival takes place year-round. Every month there is a day at the monastery to do the ordination. This ceremony is the ordination ceremony for the children who practice as a monk, they wish their children to be ordained to glorify the family and according to them, a good Buddhist is in the life must at least once ordained. Therefore, on the day of the ordination ceremony, visitors can see the children dressed as brilliant as the prince, the princess. They are welcome with a procession on the streets before entering the temple to the ordination ceremony ... In addition, there are also other unique festivals such as the Puppet Festival, Phaung Daw U Festival, Htamane Festival, Ko Gyi Kyaw Festival.

The eating habits of the people of Myanmar

When traveling to Myanmar, visitors should pay attention to some customs of the way people eat here. Burmese people often eat with their right hand because they think their left hand is for personal hygiene. Also, when giving any items to people in Myanmar, you should give them the right hand.

A meal of Myanmar people usually has rice, fish, meat, vegetables and soup. They usually take rice and eat the same food and vegetables. You need to keep in mind, Buddhists do not eat beef and Muslims do not eat pork.


Burmese have no surname, only name. When greeting, they often fold their hands in front of their chests or bow.

Burmese love birds. The buffalo is also respected. Meet a buffalo on the road, no matter how old boys and girls have to give way to the buffalo first pass. When visiting the temple, everyone must remove their shoes.

When you give money, gifts or anything else to others, you should put it with your right hand or with both hands to show politeness.

Some places in temples, or temple areas, especially solemn and sacred areas, are not allow women to enter. You should check with your local guide to be sure you are in the right position. Women should also not sit on top of a car or roof of a house, the top of a boat, a boat ... that is sitting above someone else's head.

Women are also not allowed to touch, touch or shake monk's hands in any form. If you are unfortunate to touch, please apologize and the other monk will surely feel guilty when touched. In Myanmar, only men can be monk.

If you wear traditional Burmese dresses, you should wear turtleneck, don’t show your back,  belly, chest and bras (for women).

You must wear overalls and sleeveless shirts, don’t show your back,  belly, chest when you visit the temples of Myanmar.

Filming and shooting is a sensitive issue in Myanmar. This is still the most trouble that many tourists encounter. You should avoid photographing or filming at sensitive points related to politics, hospitals, security, etc. If you are caught by police and have to delete pictures, it is better to take pictures. Please delete it and apologize. Do not run away, or try to persuade it just cause more trouble for you.
Every country has its own customs and habits, before traveling to Myanmar, visitors should also learn some customs and taboos so that not leaving bad impression to the people in this country.

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