Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Malaysia

Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu is the capital of Kelantan state. In Malay, "Kota Bharu" means "new city" or "new fortress". This is a good place to have fun, eat and shop. You can easily visit the city by bus or taxi.
The central market is perhaps the highlight of the city, bustling day and night. According to Lonely Planet, the bottom floor of the market mainly sells foodstuffs, while the upstairs sells spices, fabrics, bronze and other commodities.

Cameron Highlands

If you want to avoid the heat, the Cameron Highlands on the Titiwangsa Mountains will be your ideal vacation spot. Visiting Cameron Highlands, you will have the opportunity to admire the architecture of the English style.

According to historical documents, the plateau was first discovered in 1885 by an English explorer named William Cameron. Then, the British continued to build here many facilities such as motels, railway stations, schools, hospitals, tea farms ... Thanks to the fresh air, fertile soil, this place is also famous for Mulberry farms and green tea plantations.

Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is the capital of Sabah state and is famous for Mount Kinabalu. Kinabalu National Park, Kinabalu National Park has a peak of 4,095.2 m, the highest mountain range between the Himalayas and Papua New Guinea. Considered to be the peak of Southeast Asia, Mount Kinabalu fascinates visitors with its rare beauty like a heaven.

Kota Kinabalu is also famous for its mosques, bustling markets and museums. In addition, lovers of outdoor activities can visit tropical jungles or national parks.

Kota Kinabalu has plenty of vibrant night markets. Night markets usually operate from 5:00 pm until midnight. Some famous night markets you can refer to as Pasar Malam Sinsuran, Pasar Malam Segama and Pasar Malam Kampung Air.


Kuching is a beautiful city in Malaysia and also the largest city on the island of Borneo. This is also the main gateway for visitors to visit the tropical rainforests of Borneo and the state of Sarawak.

Kuching is also home to some of the best street food in the world. According to many visitors, if you want to enjoy many delicious dishes of Kuching you can go to Pandungan Road or Jalan Satok weekend market. Also if you want to buy vintage products and souvenirs unique Kuching weekend market will be the best suggestion for you.


Speaking of cendol, a traditional and extremely popular dessert in Malaysia, many will think of the beautiful Malacca towns.

Malacca is home to a large Peranakan community. Visitors here can enjoy a variety of local dishes with intriguing secrets passed down through generations. In addition, this place is also famous for its sandals decorated brilliantly.

The night markets at Jonker Street are usually open Friday night to Sunday evenings. Coming to the night market, you will enjoy countless delicious dishes such as: dumplings, dim sum, waffles, fresh fruit juices, ... If going deep into the alleyway, you will enjoy Char Koay Teow (fried noodles) and other delicious seafood dishes.

At weekends, the alleys of Jonker Street often feature an antique market. You can find many special things here such as cups, teacups, tea pots, ... These markets usually start at about 9:00 to 11:00 am.
Malacca is also famous for its 3-wheeled rickshaws, dazzlingly decorated like a flowering flower trunk with colorful flowers. Climbing these vehicles, you will discover a round city - the fun way to explore famous monuments and monuments of Malacca.

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