How to get a visa to go to Cambodia

If you will plan to go Cambodia then you need a visa so there is some types of visa which is applicable to go Cambodia, I am explaining here that the types of visas for Cambodia

There are some types of visas for reaching Cambodia is here...

  1. Tourist visa for Cambodian
  2. Ordinary visa for Cambodian
  3. Visa K-Class
  4. Children visa for Cambodian
  5. Visa B-class

Tourist visa for Cambodian

The tourist visa is valid for 30 days, but it will renew if you want to stay Cambodia more than 30 days as a tourist then you can. The fees of tourist visa are $30. It is a single visa entry. If anyone wants to stay in Cambodia more than 30 days, then the visa will be renewed after 30 days at the cost of $45 only. When the time limit will be over then the visa holder must leave the Cambodia and come back and issued a new visa.

How to get a visa to go to Cambodia

Ordinary visa for Cambodian (E class)

If anyone who wants to stay Cambodia then the E class visa is best for staying the Cambodia. There are four types of E class visa and anyone can get the any type of visa in e-class.
There is no documentation required when you are Appling for these ordinary visas, but the visa holder must be able to fulfill the documentation or paperwork if any questioned by the immigration police after some date.

There are four types of E-class visa which is as given below…


EB-Visa is

The all Cambodian visa is covered by the EB business visa, including all the persons that have parents, children, and freelancers and also those who do not have any categories of visa can also apply through the EB-visa.
If anyone who is applying through the EB-visa, then the person will not apply to work in Cambodia. If you want to work as a legal employee then you must have a Cambodian work permit, but you don’t need a work permit for a visa. If you have an EB-visa, then the immigration police may ask about your work contract, business license and work permit if you have. Otherwise, you must have a letter why you stay here.
The renewable visa can be 1, 3, 6 or 12 month, although 12 or 6 month visas allow.

EG-Visa is

The EG-Visa is applicable who are searching for employment and can be stay 1, 3, or 6 months. When you are writing that you want a visa, then the requirement of the employment is not forced for EG-Visa.

ER-Visa is

The retirement visa is most confusing and less paperwork of the E class section. The requirement of the ER-visa is not defined at the time of visa writing, but it is for who have also retired and already show the document in the home country and also prove that then have found to support themselves.
The ER retirement visa can be issued for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

ES-Visa is

It is a student visa. Anyone can apply for ES-Visa who is a student. If anyone has this visa, then the visa holder must have the receipt of school fees, school transcript and any other thing which is related to the school or university if the immigration police will ask. The ES visa for student can be issued for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

A K - Class visa is

The K-Class visa is support for the Cambodian descent that holds a passport for the overseas countries. It is the free lifetime visa for those types of persons, but you will ask to pay an unofficial amount to get it. You have any document that shows you are a Cambodian descent like birth certificate, marriage certificate, family book or Cambodian id and if you can speak Khmer may be enough along with the $20 bill, yes.

Children visa for Cambodian

All non-Cambodian children have been required to have an E-class visa to enter the Kingdom, since late 2016. The rates are the same as for adults. If any child has at least one Cambodian parent, they he/she can apply for a free K-class visa.

Visa B-Class

It is also known as the NGO visa. It is a free visa for NGO’s employee who is registered with the government. For this visa you will need to enter the country on an E-class visa and transfer the B-class visa. Not all NGO’s are applying for this visa you have to conform from your employer if wants this visa, otherwise you will be fined $100 and leave to be within 7 days.

How to get a visa to go to Cambodia

Some important need for Cambodia visa
  • A passport, it is valid at least six months.
  • A recent passport size photo, otherwise you will pay $2 fee and they will scan your photo from the passport.

Three ways of Applying Cambodian visa
  • At the airport
  • Embassy of Cambodian
  • At the land of the border crossing

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