Things to See When Cruising from Vietnam to Cambodia

Unlike my usual summer, this year I spent time discovering the beauty of Indochina and cruising on Mekong river is one of my trip's highlights. Indeed, Vietnam to Cambodia river cruises really offer me the chance to learn more about these 2 countries and see new things. Here is my list of things to see on this out-of-this-world route.

Floating Markets

Floating market is one of the most unique things to see on Mekong River. The trip to floating market offers you the opportunity to witness a bustling scene of selling and trading in the countryside of Vietnam. You will be amazed by thousands of floating stalls full of good and local people. They sell everything from tropical fruits, foods, drinks, vegetables, flowers, souvenir etc. Additionally, an important fact is that every kind of stuff they sell all come from their gardens, fruit & fish farms, rice paddies so that they are all fresh, healthy and reasonable-priced. Visiting the floating markets, you will have a chance to taste a wide range of local specialties such as Coconut Ice-cream, Beef Noodle Soup, Hu Tieu and even a cup of coffee or hot milk. This trip also guarantees you the chance to learn more about Vietnamese culture when admiring their daily activities and jobs to earn a living.

Mekong Delta Paddies

Vietnam is an agricultural country so it is understandable to see a large number of rice paddies in every region throughout the country. However, the most immense ones are all located in the countryside of Mekong Delta Vietnam, where the main and most important job of local people here is farming. Once cruising on Mekong River, you will have a chance to have a stopover at these rice paddies to extend your knowledge about agriculture in Vietnam as well as the way how rice is made. You can also admire rustic scenery of Mekong Delta with interlaced canals, simple hand-made farming equipments.

Phnom Penh

Considered as the most interesting destinations in the cruise route from Ho Chi Minh to Cambodia, Phnom Penh will be the place for you to discover. Once arrived, you will have the chance to learn more about history in Cambodia by a trip to Genocide Museum, where millions of Cambodian were executed under the rule of Khmer Rouge. Another great spot featuring in the cruise is the Silver Pagoda, where you can admire an architectural masterpiece of Khmer Culture with a wide range of priceless exhibits, Buddhist statues. The tour will offer you a short cycling tour in Phnom Penh to have an overlook of the city, observe daily activities of Cambodian people and take some photos.

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Kratie – The Dolphin Grounds

An exclusive chance for you to enjoy cruising in the 2 countries is to visit Kratie in Cambodia, where is home to one of the rarest species on the planet. Mekong river cruise offers you the chance to admire the most endangered creature as well as the symbol of Cambodia – Irrawaddy Dolphin. Consider one of the cruises now or you will never see it in your life.

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